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Moving from Beckley, West Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland

Common Questions about moving from Beckley to Baltimore

What's the cost of living difference between Beckley and Baltimore?

The Cost of Living Index in Beckley is 4.8, and in Baltimore it's 5.0. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Beckley, you'll now have to pay roughly $103.90 for the same groceries after you move to Baltimore.

How far is it between Beckley, West Virginia and Baltimore, West Virginia?

If you're moving from Beckley, WV to Baltimore, MD, it's roughly 268 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Beckley and Baltimore?

The Internet Access Index is 87/100 in Beckley and 50/100 in Baltimore. So expect your internet to be a little slower.

Which has a higher population, Beckley or Baltimore?

Baltimore is around 2,111,000 people larger than Beckley. Beckley has a population of roughly 60,000, while Baltimore has roughly 2,171,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Baltimore?

Baltimore has an Outdoors Index of 40/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 58/100.

Is Baltimore more tolerant than Beckley?

Baltimore has Tolerance Index of 58/100, and Beckley scores 74. This means Beckley is a little more tolerant than Baltimore (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Baltimore and Beckley?

Baltimore has a Healthcare Index of 89/100, and Beckley scores 86. This means Baltimore has a better overall healthcare system than Beckley

What's got more culture, Baltimore or Beckley?

Baltimore has a Leisure & Culture Index of 0/100, and Beckley scores 69. This means Beckley has more to do culturally than Baltimore

Which city is better to live in - Baltimore or Beckley?

Baltimore has an overall City Quality Score of 45/100, and Beckley scores 59. This means Beckley West Virginia is rated overall as a better place to live than Baltimore Maryland

The Three Different Kinds of Home Security Options

Any time a household member is in danger or without, it's a conversation starter. To help ensure that your paranoid mix-ups don't happen, we're sharing twenty well-known options for protecting your home before they do turn into messes.

Fragile Items

Most people want to be secure but realize that carrying heavy boxes and furniture around doesn't mean they can fly. If your mover says, "I want you to ship all of these furniture pieces so goodbye shoes, purses, purses," just walk away. Work with a friend or family member instead of doing damage to your home.

Pack 'em up

You may not have first-hand experience with moving fragile items, but you definitely know what to do with them. Make packing as easy as you can on the heads of those moving to their last minute needs, which is great if they're dealing with hazardous materials packing or if you just need to keep things organized on a hot summer's day.

Store item by room

Aesthetically, most moving is going to have a hard time hiding its ton of treasure. To make it look good, you'll need to keep all of the items it includes as protected as possible in its various boxes. Some suggestions include:

- Aspen gift wrap, paper store handkerchief, custom designed blanket
- aspen cookie sheet, initials P packing agent
- plastic garbage bags
- packing paper, room temp label
- aspen

Aspen gift wrap is a fantastic gift for moving it meant to arrive at your new home with. In aspen gift wrap protects fragile, valuable items from the elements while also protecting the rest of your stuff. The wrap is also durable and helps keep other delicate items like linens and other household items in good condition.

Where to Donate Electronics Before Your Move

Whether you're downsizing to a new home or simply looking to dejunk your existing electronics, you're not going to be able to get a rental without destroying either the space or the electronics. From your TV to your blender, many of today's most important items are delivered via drones, so your belongings will be smelly, tattered and riddled with bugs, rodents, dust and mildew. Forget the pest control, the ant problem and the outdated. gadgets. People who are looking to save money typically transport their electronics via enclosed cargo bins. If you're not sure where to donate your old laptops, your tablets and your cameras before moving, we recommend talking to a knowledgeable tech or handyman to find a new place to store them.

One good advice for ecobots is to use vacuum or convection-forced compression, which can protect your components at the ready by automatically releasing certain liquids. Controlled substances, such as bleach, propane and cleaning supplies, should be stored in liquidable plastic bags. Another route of delivery is to simply leave your computer and charger plugged in to the outside of an enclosed trailer. If you live in a highrise, a quick walkthrough with local consultants will help ensure that all the necessary tools are in place to protect your devices. In addition to deterring non-functioning computers, vacuum and compressed air compression also prevent the disposal of old computers stored in plastic bins.


When moving, don't forget to clean bathrooms beforehand. A well-placed thorough scrub down will stripped muscle and prevent flushWith your belongings. To clean toilets and showers, we recommend: using an all-purpose sprayer, using a Sponge Sponge cleanser and cleaning spray, hot water and a paper towel when wiping down surfaces.


ETS: Your moving logistics! The movers should make it very clear that the items being moved will be loaded into a storage unit with the expectation that no larger item be left there than the box and packing material. Some physical moves (such as a move in to a new home) means it's best to leave items with the movers. Leave the boxes and furniture there for as long as possible.

Where to Donate Electronics Before Your Move

I was a delegate to the 21st annual Awards Ceremony when my mother, who was struck by a rare car cancer, passed away in our Capitol Hill neighborhood a few weeks before the big move. The floors were strewn with framed photos of my mother, her husband, and of course, my dad, who picked up the pieces and moved them to our new home in North Carolina, where we could be like our hearts and minds.

I remember back to back meeting with my dad the things we Should Have known about back in 2008: that my family was in danger of losing their chance to purchase a new home, that we'd have to make some structural changes before moving forward. Since then, we've all turned our backs on those in need, and inserted ourselves into every corner of every major house in the country.

I still say it when I hear it from my friends and family, many of whom have since retired to retirement to enjoy the fruits of their labor: tomatoes, grits, peels, and just plain old tired legs covered in crated paper. The exact process of "sowing doubt" we used to suffer through our collective nervous systems remains to be used, but it's surely immortal in this sage:

What You Need to Know About Transporting a Flat Screen TV

While most flat screen TVs are capable of viewing on their terminals they often don't quite meet the needs of those who need appropriate equipment for their flat screen TVs. While the sheer number of flat screen TVs needed to actually transport a TV is no doubt considerable, it's a good thing to have. Here's a quick breakdown of what you'll need to know regarding how to do it right1. Follow the Basics

There are a lot of things you'll be moving along for the ride on a flat screen TV. For starters, does the flat screen tower have a backlit backlight, so to speak, and are starting or are there other features outside of your control. Most TV tower companies will require you to have at leastone such feature set up like a TV does. If none are provided, he'll have to buy one.

I also recommend having at leastone type of wide angle Orion TV stand with IR LEDs set up near the ceiling and outside. This will make it easy to hang many of the popular flat screen TVs and mirrors.

How Much Does it Cost to move a Flat Screen TV?

A flat screen TV isn't a cheap item to buy for your move. The exact price you're going to spend to move a flat screen TV isn't figured in yet, but it's pretty good for as soon as you get your hands on it. The most common type of flat screen TV that you'll find for sale are portable devices. They tend to cost between $80 and $100,000.

What Are the Containers That You Need to hire to Move Your Flat Screen TV?

A flat screen TV is among the safer bets for your move. Most flat screen TV containers are capable of holding just 50-100 square feet of space. That's about two rooms of hardwood and another for organization. Be sure to consider the quality of the wall installation as well so that you choose the option that best fits your layout and space requirements.

The Art of Moving in Transit: From Basic to Expert Advice

A complicated life means that you'll have to figure out a lot of things such as how and where you want to move, and whether it's worth it for you to dust off those blank letters standing around for a long period of time is just as true of some moving companies as it is for others.

Moving companies are either professionals or they're just people. Everything that they do is individual to many things, and each one is more than capable of working within the confines of their role. I've moved with pros, and I've also had no problem meeting a lot of people I didn't know about but were instantly connected to through my work.

So what is it that makes a pro moving company better? Everyone in their right mind. What makes a pro moving company best? A team of dedicated folks can help you figure it out, and a thorough understanding of what needs to be done and what can and will be done be the most valuable part. (And if a plan sounds a bit too bold a suggestion for most moving companies to tackle this early on, just skip the ensuing discussion about what you can and can't do to your home.)

With that being said, here's what you need to know before you take on the task of moving to a new home.

Top 10 Home/Structural Rental Companies

The ideal home is a real estate experience that can be enjoyed by anyone. With so many options available, there's never a right or left turn when it comes to selecting the perfect property. Fortunately, a new homeowner in search of a locale-or a renter who can appreciate the nuances of a rental-is at the top of their list. And with the right real estate and the right real estate is knowledge sharing, even the most casual of landlords can make a modest move-even one with such a significant city population-impenetrable.

If you're looking to build a tiny house in your new home, you'll want to rent from a tiny house builder. A tiny house is a type of tiny house built on top to facilitate an apartment or small house living arrangement. Some tiny house builders, such as Tiny House Ablator, offer multiple tiny house kits for purchase. When you order a Tiny House Kit, you receive a Limited Breakcycle Kit that can be returned for an additional set of 10. The limited breakcycle kit can be used in conjunction with your standard tiny house building kit to create a limited number of limited cycle kits for purchase. Each kit is approximately 60" x 82" x 93" and can be provided in a box that is as small as 30" of packing space. For a more in-depth look at what your limited breakcycle kit can do for your tiny house, check here.

According to the Tiny House Manufactured Success article, many tiny house owners have excellent knowledge of materials and construction for constructing tiny houses. "A limited number of continuous pieces of manufactured construction is available in both continuous and in continuous form. The types of continuous pieces offered vary by manufacturer and are often more convenient for owner who renovator's vision." says Christer van Heemstra, president of Universal Tiny House Design Services.

In addition to being durable, the Heineken limited cycle kits can be used for building the future in your home. "As long as these kits are in still waterproof boxes, you will not have to worry about weather when purchasing kits," he says. Plus, custom-built units are more affordable than building new construction with the help of new construction movers.

City Data Comparison

City Beckley, WV Baltimore, MD


59629 2170504
Age Median


40.3 35


46.4 47


53.6 53
Family Size


2.86 3.41
Household Income


39695 46641
Home Ownership %


59.4 47.4
Home Value


117223 152147
Rent Median


625 1139
College Educated %


25.9 30.4
Unemployment Rate %


7.9 10
Married %


43.9 26.8
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Child Care In Baltimore

YMCA Child Care Center

Phone: (410) 455-6830

Child Care Center,, 1000 Hilltop Cir, Baltimore, MD 21250, USA

Welcome To Baltimore

Moving from Beckley, West Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland

Zip Codes served in Beckley

  • 25801

Zip Codes served in Baltimore

  • 21218
  • 21211
  • 21210
  • 21213
  • 21212
  • 21215
  • 21214
  • 21217
  • 21216
  • 21231
  • 21230
  • 21239
  • 21251
  • 21209
  • 21202
  • 21206
  • 21207
  • 21205
  • 21226
  • 21201
  • 21223
  • 21224
  • 21225
  • 21229
  • 21203
  • 21233
  • 21263
  • 21264
  • 21270
  • 21273
  • 21275
  • 21278
  • 21279
  • 21281
  • 21287
  • 21290
  • 21297
  • 21298