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Moving from Yakima, Washington to San Juan, Puerto Rico

Common Questions about moving from Yakima to San Juan

What's the cost of living difference between Yakima and San Juan?

The Cost of Living Index in Yakima is 3.8, and in San Juan it's 6.0. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Yakima, you'll now have to pay roughly $157.78 for the same groceries after you move to San Juan.

How far is it between Yakima, Washington and San Juan, Washington?

If you're moving from Yakima, WA to San Juan, PR, it's roughly 3630 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Yakima and San Juan?

The Internet Access Index is 49/100 in Yakima and 43/100 in San Juan. So expect your internet to be a little slower.

Which has a higher population, Yakima or San Juan?

San Juan is around 208,000 people larger than Yakima. Yakima has a population of roughly 133,000, while San Juan has roughly 342,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in San Juan?

San Juan has an Outdoors Index of 53/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 45/100.

Is San Juan more tolerant than Yakima?

San Juan has Tolerance Index of 37/100, and Yakima scores 81. This means Yakima is a little more tolerant than San Juan (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between San Juan and Yakima?

San Juan has a Healthcare Index of 24/100, and Yakima scores 87. This means Yakima has a better overall healthcare system than San Juan

What's got more culture, San Juan or Yakima?

San Juan has a Leisure & Culture Index of 68/100, and Yakima scores 81. This means Yakima has more to do culturally than San Juan

Which city is better to live in - San Juan or Yakima?

San Juan has an overall City Quality Score of 33/100, and Yakima scores 63. This means Yakima Washington is rated overall as a better place to live than San Juan Puerto Rico

The Joys of Moving for a New Move

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Best Move Plans for Your Move

Fortunately, there are plenty of professional moving companies that specialize in truck transport. To find them, it's not uncommon to find at least one of these companies shipping your most recently renovated and updated purchased belongings. (If you have aold Grand Piano, that's a great option since you'll have more wiggle room for tedious paperwork like packing up your own parts.) While not a plan of attack per se, these resale packages give musicianship a young fan can pull no one else. And when the time comes, moving pianos will be even cooler.

If you're moving a previous owner's children, your precious children will love throwing concerts and parties to celebrate.

Moving with children means having to deal with an entire new set of neighbors especially if the parent is new to the neighborhood. A move with a young child will likely be more difficult, and you'll want to be sure to assess the family's expectations too. Most neighborhood moves require a creative approach, taking into account not just the needs of the move but the surroundings as well. You'll want to discuss a range of options with the new neighbors, including but not limited to: a house count, house hunting, dog walk, pet gettogether, and dinner delivery.

First Time Home Buyer's Guide

You know you are ready to buy a home when owning is cheaper than renting and a home than is currently the case. In most cases, a first time home buyer will be happy with the way the home looks. But if having a first time home buyer on their side of the sale is not for you, read below how to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for yourself and your house.

Start the process early

The first step to a successful first time home buyer is to start the process early on when you become convinced you need a home. You can preferably start planning with a list of what size space you would like to buy, as well as your preferred finishes and finishes. Once you have that list of what size space, go ahead and list it through your social media channels. If you're going to be showing off your home for sale, it's particularly important that it is well-organized and well-tweued before the showing itself. The more early you can pick up the deal, the better your chance of a successful sale goes wrong.

Paint it up

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Freshen up carpets and doors

Dishwasher: Stain brush, cleaning agent or white vinegar? Yes. If you're going to have a handyman do all the damage later, use a face mask or face wash to keep things clean and protected against the elements. A face mask or clean yourself should be plenty easy-going so you don't have to worry about breaking or shifting a large part of your piggy bank.

How to Keep Your Move Embarrassing

Finally got my assignment. I kept thinking about it, and hoped that it would be worth the headache of unpacking packing boxes. But then I remembered something something on my way out: she was leaving, and I should be with you.

I checked my email, and found that my service enrollment had been canceled. I tried to send my family, but my friend list was probably long gone. And I finally learned where my old house was.

There you go! A week after my shock and confusion, things did get easier to arrange. Soon after, I found out that my former landlord had bought my current rental, and that my new landlord had paid his fair share making my old one.

I started my transition to a new place-and my new landlord-in five days. His first choice for a place I to move into was a suite in my queen-sized home, about a mile and a half away. But after some back and forth negotiations, and after my new landlord decided to keep the existing flights of stairs for the stops I could stay put, I settled on a flight of stairs back to my old apartment.

After settling in a couple more steps, I moved onto the apartment to which I wanted to go on my own. As it turned out, it didn't take long to fall for all those new rules. You can't rent on the first floor, or over the Los Gatos coffee shops over the Orange and Burbank, syndrome has spread to the first floor. So while it's not exactly a surprise that I enjoyed living in this apartment, it's actually a great experience to live okay in this building if you have XY chromosomes (there's a reason your parents have X).

Storage solutions for Massachusetts roads

Thinking of moving to Massachusetts? Fortunately, with its low cost of living and excellent public transportation options, it's easy to find what you need for the rest of the year. Fortunately though, you don't have to look far to find self-storage units and back roads located just a few miles apart.

In addition to short term or long term storage, Massachusetts residents with homes either attached or in backyards within easy walking distance can find storage units either on their own or through trusted friends or family. Not only are Massachusetts units convenient, but they're also affordable as well. Here's a quick rundown:

- Garage units About $5 per month.
- Backyard storage units About $12 a month.
- Extra Space Storage Unit About $30 a month.
- Groceries & Breaches Unit About $100 a month.

If You Can't Get a Wisconsin Driver Into Your Home

Will you need to obtain a new license if you're moving to Wisconsin from another state?


How Much Do You Need to Need to Get a Wisconsin Driver's License or Vehicle's Registration?

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What is a Wisconsin DMV Driver's License Plate?

A Wisconsin driver's license or vehicle's registration is required to be purchased at the time of sign-up for your new address. If you do not have a Wisconsin driver's license with another state, you will need to obtain one through the DMV, or through your local territorial Legislature.

What is a Vehicle Registration List?

How to Keep Your Move Merry & Bright this Holiday Season

Moving soon? Cool new colors, holiday paraphernalia and a host of other goodies is a good idea for your big move. To help you balance your living and moving plans in a holiday way, we've put together this quick guide to keeping your holiday move merry and bright.

Moving soon?

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City Data Comparison

City Yakima, WA San Juan, PR


133233 341657
Age Median


33.3 41.6


49.3 null


50.7 null
Family Size


3.4 3.2
Household Income


42092 21578
Home Ownership %


54 53.3
Home Value


160269 157164
Rent Median


921 639
College Educated %


18.3 null
Unemployment Rate %


7.9 15.3
Married %


43.1 null
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Child Care In San Juan

Cuido de Ninos Natural Babies (Day Care Center)

Phone: (787) 754-7406

1545 Av. Juan Ponce de León, San Juan, 00926, Puerto Rico

Welcome To San Juan

Moving from Yakima, Washington to San Juan, Puerto Rico

Zip Codes served in Yakima

  • 98901
  • 98903
  • 98902
  • 98908
  • 98904
  • 98907

Zip Codes served in San Juan

  • 00918
  • 00913
  • 00911
  • 00917
  • 00915
  • 00912
  • 00926
  • 00927
  • 00924
  • 00925
  • 00923
  • 00920
  • 00921
  • 00906
  • 00907
  • 00901
  • 00909
  • 00936
  • 00969
  • 00902
  • 00908
  • 00910
  • 00919
  • 00922
  • 00928
  • 00929
  • 00930
  • 00931
  • 00935
  • 00937
  • 00939
  • 00940
  • 00955
  • 00975