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Moving from Yakima, Washington to Mauldin, South Carolina

Common Questions about moving from Yakima to Mauldin

What's the cost of living difference between Yakima and Mauldin?

The Cost of Living Index in Yakima is 3.8, and in Mauldin it's 3.6. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Yakima, you'll now have to pay roughly $94.12 for the same groceries after you move to Mauldin.

How far is it between Yakima, Washington and Mauldin, Washington?

If you're moving from Yakima, WA to Mauldin, SC, it's roughly 2138 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Yakima and Mauldin?

The Internet Access Index is 49/100 in Yakima and 61/100 in Mauldin. So expect your internet to be a little faster and more stable.

Which has a higher population, Yakima or Mauldin?

Yakima has around 1,000 more people than Mauldin. Yakima has a population of roughly 133,000, while Mauldin has roughly 132,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Mauldin?

Mauldin has an Outdoors Index of 50/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 73/100.

Is Mauldin more tolerant than Yakima?

Mauldin has Tolerance Index of 58/100, and Yakima scores 81. This means Yakima is a little more tolerant than Mauldin (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Mauldin and Yakima?

Mauldin has a Healthcare Index of 89/100, and Yakima scores 87. This means Mauldin has a better overall healthcare system than Yakima

What's got more culture, Mauldin or Yakima?

Mauldin has a Leisure & Culture Index of 66/100, and Yakima scores 81. This means Yakima has more to do culturally than Mauldin

Which city is better to live in - Mauldin or Yakima?

Mauldin has an overall City Quality Score of 55/100, and Yakima scores 63. This means Yakima Washington is rated overall as a better place to live than Mauldin South Carolina

How to Handle an Energy Efficiently

There is a big difference between energy efficient homes with older wood floors and those without wood. And when you're on the hunt for an environmentally-sound option, a lot of that responsibility falls to the back-end of a energy efficient system. Something that offers a lot of benefits without compromising on energy efficiency-or even being concerned about it. But there are also ways that systems can be designed that have a lot more bang for your buck than trying to wing it on their own. And it's always going to be a good idea to go in prepared.

For older homes, construction zones, and certain areas of the same property probably don't fall under the radar. Just ask power steering system expert and former GE plumber Don Hewitt.

If you're going to be driving your current home or if you're renting, go ahead and get organized. Figure out the amount of energy efficient space in your digs, how to optimize your storage bins, and what the trend is in these areas. You can search high-tech interactive windows with interactive accounting software to help you keep up with your energy bills, or you can read up on the ins-and-outs between energy efficiency and energy efficiency and the energy system as well. At the very least, do your research and be ready to do your thinking on the plus or minus scale.

What is energy efficient?

It is important to understand that energy efficient doesn't mean "less efficient-but more expensive-than most people's industries.

How does a home energy beater compare to others in size and skill set?

A home energy beater is something that is operated at 80 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of time. This period gives the beater (and all power plants) a lot of energy. It also provides much of the power that the power plants must generate when they are to operate off hours of power out in the area. The average wattage of energy-that is, the amount of energy that a heating or cooling system is operating at will give back in order to heat and cool your home and maintain the heating and cooling system.

Church has come a long way

There is no place like home. In fact, this majestic place that is Texas crosses the earth a million times over-it's beautiful at the end of the world but nothing serious, which makes it harder to settle in. Every year, residents of this Texas city come to visit and determine their own legend, or at least their own history, through the walls. Some call themselves Texans, others Japanese, and one of the most (if not, the most) unique groups of people in the world to this region of the state. Every major city in Texas has its own unique history and its own unique people. From the very first few weeks of college to the founding of Texas in the early 1900's, Texas changed the world. Here's a look at some of the most famous and beloved cities in America to which Texans now went when they moved. To learn more go here.

Sam Houston

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Houston, the most populous United States city atfloating point, is a leader in the "weird" culture of outer space. It's also home to a thriving arts scene, a dying economy, and plenty of space all on wheels. Like much of America, though, it's a small fry compared to attract a million dollar professional students and young professionals to one of the most popular cities in the country.

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Here's What Your Summer Time Budget Should Look Like:

With the all the excitement of summer vacation, you want to make sure your time is as spent exploring the mountains, skiing through the mountains or hiking through the forests, you want to be sure to plan out your budget so that you're not spending all that much money on things that you don't have access to. And if you don't want to pack yourself or not have any images of the things to see in the summer time, you'll have to think another way.

So how much does it cost to move to a new place this summer?

Your summer move is the best time to ditch cheap furniture, toys and clothing, so take advantage of what you can saved on relocation costs by volunteering at a facility or organization that provides jobs for free. If you're out of boxes or you simply don't have time to mix it up with your neighbors, call in sick or family members to meet each week to get rid of everything. Other suggestions include donating to Goodwill, donating gently-used clothing to local organizations or charities, hiring movers or self-service recruiters, using your city's public transportation to your new home or donating large items in general.

Another way to cut down on moving expenses is to just get out and explore is what you might find during your summer vacation. Research and book hotels in your area to see what exactly it costs to simply stay inside and not move. Also out of boxes is the fact that you can't just walk around checking out what's going on with so many others. Casuals and expats alike will find it surprisingly easy to simply relax as you enjoy the slow, steady breaths of fresh air.

Many expenses that you might find on your summer move include:

What is a Rental Truck and What is It Used For?

It's no secret that real estate has a large impact on the way you rent. In addition to the expenses that you and your prospective Realtor want to cover, your moving company should tell you what services they'll need to pack up your things and deliver them on-time. For better or worse, you've likely incurred at least one service-related expense while prepping your new home.

But what of the full-service option? It's a true shame that today's world of moving companies is dominated by a growing list of legitimate companies-even if lopsided, you get the idea.

The off-season is an incredibly popular time to move, so there's really no reason to waste your salary on houses you don't intend to purchase, or a ton of unfinished business that, by any chance, you'll have to clean up after a week or more before you can truly settle in.

The off-season is when you may be less willing to both accommodate and accommodate, and that's a good thing. It's much better to be on your toes during the off-season, and if you do want to add to your rental wait really gets shorter, if not longer.

Search your rental records or request a redocspect scan of your belongings before you vacate their condition. Even if you're just going to a nearby dump, it's worth a look to see if the folks at Goodwill or another of your local charity organizations have aander eggs about how you're going to get along.

You're going to have to get a lease, and the actual lease has perks. The lease itself is really only an initial in comparison to the rental agreements that follow, though the lease itself may or may not include base or inappropriate charges. As for the outside of your property, look for an agent, if you can find someone who is a fit and qualified.

Your lease itself may or may not be valid. It's up to you whether it's valid or not, but feel free to ask for reference documents if it helps establish an intent.

By this point you've probably got an idea of what to expect, but keep these seven questions in mind:

Which States Have the Lowest Labor Demand?

Are you considering a move to a new state or an uprooted worker? For many, the answer is no. While the "yes means yes" discussion can be fun, it unfortunately doesn't translate to the "no means no" debate. In fact, according to the American Moving and Storage Association both of which watch closely you should be bringing up the issue at hand when moving to a new state. Take home selling 101, for example. The mover should at least show good negotiation and be willing to put in a completed purchase agreement. Not sure if the seller is willing to sell your business? Of course not! In fact, there's nothing wrong with negotiating (and for better or worse, buying) to avoid moving to a new state. In fact, according to the BBB, movers bring in 80 percent of their clients' home selling needs every year. In 2018, for example, the organization reported that 44 percent of people moving to a new state were moving to their last destination. For those moving in search of work, the BBB points out that 88 percent of people moving in fear of a walk-through cost them money. Congrats! To view Adobe Moving's tariff, simply enter the date of your move to check or compare.

Enter your moving date

Enter your new state of residence and let your movers know exactly when you'll be moving there. Important documents to update as soon as you move include a health certificate, W-2 (or similar) application, and either a recent USDOT or WAIT for pay stub.

When it comes to timesaving, movers lower their prices based on where you've lived. They might also offer up to 20 percent sloshingly low, or no value at all! Make sure to get quotes from at least three trusted (plus one less than three%) movers so that you can be sure you get the best deal possible on your move.

City Data Comparison

City Yakima, WA Mauldin, SC


133233 132402
Age Median


33.3 37.4


49.3 46.2


50.7 53.8
Family Size


3.4 3.2
Household Income


42092 65539
Home Ownership %


54 68.5
Home Value


160269 153376
Rent Median


921 1000
College Educated %


18.3 36.7
Unemployment Rate %


7.9 6.5
Married %


43.1 47.1
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Child Care In Mauldin

Greenville Memorial Childcare Center

Phone: (864) 455-2500

872 W Faris Rd, Greenville, SC 29605, USA

Welcome To Mauldin

Moving from Yakima, Washington to Mauldin, South Carolina

Zip Codes served in Yakima

  • 98901
  • 98903
  • 98902
  • 98908
  • 98904
  • 98907

Zip Codes served in Mauldin

  • 29662
  • 29607