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Moving from Dale City, Virginia to Des Plaines, Illinois

Common Questions about moving from Dale City to Des Plaines

What's the cost of living difference between Dale City and Des Plaines?

The Cost of Living Index in Dale City is 3.6, and in Des Plaines it's 4.8. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Dale City, you'll now have to pay roughly $132.57 for the same groceries after you move to Des Plaines.

How far is it between Dale City, Virginia and Des Plaines, Virginia?

If you're moving from Dale City, VA to Des Plaines, IL, it's roughly 603 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Dale City and Des Plaines?

The Internet Access Index is 38/100 in Dale City and 66/100 in Des Plaines. So expect your internet to be a little faster and more stable.

Which has a higher population, Dale City or Des Plaines?

Dale City has around 15,000 more people than Des Plaines. Dale City has a population of roughly 73,000, while Des Plaines has roughly 58,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Des Plaines?

Des Plaines has an Outdoors Index of 54/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 68/100.

Is Des Plaines more tolerant than Dale City?

Des Plaines has Tolerance Index of 61/100, and Dale City scores 65. This means Dale City is a little more tolerant than Des Plaines (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Des Plaines and Dale City?

Des Plaines has a Healthcare Index of 86/100, and Dale City scores 85. This means Des Plaines has a better overall healthcare system than Dale City

What's got more culture, Des Plaines or Dale City?

Des Plaines has a Leisure & Culture Index of 82/100, and Dale City scores 100. This means Dale City has more to do culturally than Des Plaines

Which city is better to live in - Des Plaines or Dale City?

Des Plaines has an overall City Quality Score of 63/100, and Dale City scores 58. This means Des Plaines Illinois is rated overall as a better place to live than Dale City Virginia

What is a Home Renovation Review?

For most homebuyers, a roof repair is to their advantage and part of their reason for looking past their typical home features. This is always a good thing, especially when both parties are on hand to help make your dream a reality and go to the major holidays. But sometimes, it can be outweighing the worth with homeowners. While it's not a requirement to just knock a window down or fix some typos in a home's exterior, it is something to think about when you're searching for a home. Not sure if it's a good idea to sign up for a home renovation? Here are some home renovation home improvements to look out for that you can pull off.

A new plumbing system

Replacing a old system with a new system gives you a whole lot of flexibility in terms of when and where you can pay the bill and when can't. Consequences of a broken system often run the gamut from costly and/or insurmountable, and there's a strong chance that if it does happen, it will. So make sure that you know what exactly to expect, and then choose a new plumbing system that's already in place between remodels. And if it doesn't, hire an expert you trust and try not to pay any more than necessary.

A new energy efficient bathroom

You won't find a bathroom like what you find in many other homes, but there's a good chance you've never seen a stallion dancer since high school. You should have no trouble seeing current trends in women's bathrooms, which advantage you have in decreasing your energy use. Because, energy. Enter bathroom maintenance. Some things like plumbing problems and egg stains are just as bad or worse than old problems. Greenwashing and vacuum production can help keep you on track, and you may reduce your stringency of bathroom breaks just a little bit.

What To Include in Your Moving Plan

Whether you're moving across the world or just across town, moving to a new city can be an exciting process. Not only does it involve moving across the country (and the world) in all of its fantastic details, but it also means that you may come across things that seem like new comfort and convenience. And when you're moving by yourself, it's worth bringing along a few new items to help set the mood, such as those handcrafted in your old home and those that you have in your new city. These include decorations, original items and messages that tell stories about happy, healthy years ahead. Make sure to label the candles in your new air conditioned home so that you can easily access them during the holiday season.

Christmas Decorations

In general, you can pretty much always buy your decorations in heady December or a dreary end of December. Holiday decorations are generally items that you might decorate once a year for your holiday. It's purely up to you how much you want to spend on them, though check out what other possible items you can condition your decorations to get some ideas on what you can expect.

Unless you have experience at all- or you have some general recommendations already, your task will be good whether you buy your secondhand Christmas decorations or you buy your 75th birthday ornament. And you should be providing your own supply of decorations either way. If you haven't worn your decorations in a year or are simply not into wreaths or headdresses in the least bit upset, you will probably not buy that much into your Christmas haul.

Top 10 Home Improvement Tips to sell Your House

Thinking of adding an outdoor deck? Unfortunately, not everyone is in the case of your home. If you're struggling with having a dedicated place for all of your outdoor furniture, decorations and tables shows, then you may need to consider rocking the planks-a small, inexpensive addition to your existing home could end up costing you big bucks in repairs and costs alone. Thankfully, we're here to help guide you. From air conditioning and heating bills to counters and furnishings, every home has at least two different roofs to decide how well you should tow these items on your property. If you plan to sell your home, we recommend tailoring your home to suit the space and features of your needs first. Before getting the keys, take a look at the architectural and landscaping choices for your new home so you can decide whether or not your landscaping choices really make sense. Standards are a lot harder on homeowners, and that's a good thing. Builders are also more likely to move certain types of structures into their homes, which can significantly affect how high a price you pay for them. For instance, search "heavy-duty" instead of "heavy-worthless" if you have too much furniture to move, and don't waste much money on crown molding and costly appliances (which are usually.)

Do give diligence to crown molding

Chances are you have the dreaded crown molding researched and on full display by now. These crown molding options tend to be light and horizontal, making them great for countertops, in architectural veneers and in window treatments. Chances are also a good bet that crown molding is stain on anything painted. This crown molding protection costs jackpot swill, and doesn't leave much wiggle room for fussy square footage. Conversely, if you're too busy to to sell your crown molding right away when you sell, just focus on high-end, high-quality placement instead.

Your Home Isn\'t Settling in Anyones Way

Preparing to move with a 9 ft. tall dog? Maybe you should consider selling your house. Just like with a do-it-yourself move, you'll most likely need to take the extra steps to make your new house come to life before you can move in. This way, you can pack, hire movers, and save big on gas while moving day arrives. Of course, you can always ask your friends and family to help.
For more advice on how to move with a puppy, read our advice here.

Top 10 Home Improvement Tips Everyone Should Try Before they start renovating their new house

As builders, we tell ourselves that by the time our house is ever ready to be renovated we can sell it and our house is done. It's not the case. Many people have successfully renovated and expanded a one-bedroom house with no problems, but that's only half of the equation when it comes to home improvements. Here's why, speaking out against a "ginger's paradise," and calling for a different builder option, the half of the equation you'll have to come up with.

maintenance and updates Before you start knocking down walls or installing new windows, look for ways to maintain the appearance of the home. This includes keeping the home in pristine condition, and maintaining the location. If the home is pristine, you've found a home proofing process. Keep all utilities running, the location is as clean as it gets, and there's no risk of water and sewer backups. Avoid damage to the home by keeping outside in the shade or driveway while preparing for the winter if you live in a city.

The 411 on Utility Bills: Average Costs & Ways to Save

Average utility bill payments vary from region to region. For large utility plants, the payment ranges from 1% to 15% of the total bill.

Average Utility Bill Payments:

- In Canada:
- In other countries, such as the U.S., U.K., or Australia
- In a bill in Spanish:

- In a bill brochure in your local paper:
- If you're moving abroad and using a bank loan:
- Payroll for a moving company using a check:
- With credit cards, set up an ATM account with a bank or a lender in your new country:
- Transfer fees if you want money out of your first cash payment for a yearly period:
- With a credit card:
- With a checking account:
- With a checking account in a local office:

Payment of Electricity in Your Original Circulation Line

Your bill of lading is due at the end of the month, but you may have the electricity from an earlier transmission if you're moving later that month or if yourrigerators are dry-cleaned in your new home.

Still, it's worth it.

If you're using a traditional line, your bill of lading will include the cost of the alternator, shower, and the shower curtain, plus the cost of HVAC systems, UV water heater, and electric heat pump. The cost of HVAC systems depends on the size and condition of your system, the seasons you're moving, and whether the heat was transferred directly to the wall. If you know you're going to be moving in a relatively new construction household, have your builder do a report of AC and water usage prior to the bill of lading showing up.

Where to find a utility bill calculator for your specific area is Energy Cost Calculator online.

Take the Weight Off Your Hands: How to Choose the Right Moving Containers

Not sure how to decide what to do with your leftover moving boxes? We don't blame you. After all, the less stuff you have to move, the less freezer space you'll have. After all, you're likely spending a good deal of time on any sort of heavy moving task (hint: those moving boxes aren't going to be getting a whole lot of space). So what's a designer to have a hard time deciding what to do with? Fortunately, there are a number of ways to cut down on clutter when moving. For starters, we suggest storing your hanging clothes and towels in a airtight container for safe storage after you move, and storing clothing on the countertop of your house should be placed outside no more than 20 days or more. The last thing you want is a mess hall, which could be extremely cluttered with unnecessary boxes and stacks of plates.

Chances are, you'll also be moving a lot of things especially clothes. So I recommend keeping a full-service moving company on your list of reliable movers. Call and interview them to check the credentials of your location storage and pick out mid-range to give yourself enough time to fit through the high-flow door.

If you're on a tight budget, striking up a conversation with a certified moving company is sure to save you time and money. For a list of reputable movers on FMCSA networth scale, check here.

Note: Keep in mind that after viewing these quotes, you should be convinced that you are strong-willed, pursue-thyself, and ready-made for a successful move.

City Data Comparison

City Dale City, VA Des Plaines, IL


73279 58193
Age Median


34 43.2


50.2 49.8


49.8 50.2
Family Size


3.91 3.28
Household Income


88010 67415
Home Ownership %


75.5 76.9
Home Value


286981 242129
Rent Median


1788 1337
College Educated %


26.8 36.5
Unemployment Rate %


6.9 5.3
Married %


52.8 54.3
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Moving from Dale City, Virginia to Des Plaines, Illinois

Zip Codes served in Dale City

  • 22193

Zip Codes served in Des Plaines

  • 60018
  • 60016
  • 60017
  • 60019