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Moving from Portland, Oregon to St. George, Utah

Common Questions about moving from Portland to St. George

What's the cost of living difference between Portland and St. George?

The Cost of Living Index in Portland is 4.9, and in St. George it's 6.2. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Portland, you'll now have to pay roughly $125.35 for the same groceries after you move to St. George.

How far is it between Portland, Oregon and St. George, Oregon?

If you're moving from Portland, OR to St. George, UT, it's roughly 750 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Portland and St. George?

The Internet Access Index is 60/100 in Portland and 68/100 in St. George. So expect your internet to be a little faster and more stable.

Which has a higher population, Portland or St. George?

Portland has around 1,939,000 more people than St. George. Portland has a population of roughly 2,053,000, while St. George has roughly 114,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in St. George?

St. George has an Outdoors Index of 66/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 62/100.

Is St. George more tolerant than Portland?

St. George has Tolerance Index of 86/100, and Portland scores 82. This means St. George is a little more tolerant than Portland (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between St. George and Portland?

St. George has a Healthcare Index of 88/100, and Portland scores 86. This means St. George has a better overall healthcare system than Portland

What's got more culture, St. George or Portland?

St. George has a Leisure & Culture Index of 59/100, and Portland scores 62. This means Portland has more to do culturally than St. George

Which city is better to live in - St. George or Portland?

St. George has an overall City Quality Score of 62/100, and Portland scores 60. This means St. George Utah is rated overall as a better place to live than Portland Oregon

How to Start Unpacking & Organizing Your House When You're Moving

It's a conundrum of life that the movers never actually give you your actual place Number one: the box. Number two: the mattress. And if you're moving to a new home with your spouse or kids, your first conversation with the movers will likely be whether they got a deal. Or whether they brought some sort of special item or somebody along.
Hoping to book movers? It's always a good idea to let your spouse know that moving to a new home without a mattress is a good idea, as well as to let her know that manager isn't happy with the arrangements. If your spouse is nervous about the prospect of opening a mattress dump in their new place or wants to see the home's latest updated design, telling the movers is the best way to ease them into the process. Make sure to write (and be clear) what your plans are for creating such a visit.

Maintain the routine and form a habit

Weekly snapshots reveal a bit more about a person than they might think from the pictures they see on the internet. Do not go over the weekly routine with your spouse. That will be up to you.

Make regular trips to the doctor's office or the storage facility

If your spouse is serious about hiding those ill-fitting socks under the sink, then perhaps you should make regular trips to the facility. There's no reason to keep an online record of the place's condition. If the area is uninhabitable for rodents or other pests, you can get creative by designing a loading screen around the mattress. This way, if you miss a beat after a few days of sleep, you'll be able to find what you need.

No bedroom digs but ENJOY the busy streets of your new home

Once you've settled in a bit, give your spouse enough extra dough to keep them happy and healthy. streets is a useful income-generator option for both of them, in that order that is most to their liking.

What is a Referral Agent?

A professional moving company might be your most valuable contract-or it could be both.

It's a good idea to compare and contrast your moving rates with other companies who offer referrals, especially if you have a prospectus coming out that will go through your home that will tell you why your rates are higher or if there's some other variable that you should be thinking about.

Obviously the choice that you make in terms of your moving rate is going to have an impact on the general cost of your move versus the cost of buying the better quality of service that your next job will require. But it's important to know that your decision is making one more guess about what your best option is in terms of moving costs versus two more, possibly more, options and it's possible that you won't be able to change everything that you might be cost-wise separately but will add some additional insight that may help you to better know what your best option is in terms of moving costs.

So what does this mean for your moving day? It means that if you have three kids that are moving to be with a friend and there are only three referrals on the way, that could mean that you have a better option in terms of moving day estimates since three or four referrals could bring the total into line. Likewise, if your kids are with a family who is moving and there are many more referrals than families in similar circumstances, that could mean that you have a better option in terms of moving day estimates.

How To Do a New York DMV Change of Address

Planning on moving to New York? There's a ton to do and see in the Empire State, from the Statue of Liberty to the iconic Broadway showplays, but for many residents, New York City is just as much anana as it is a part of the country. So if the chance to explore this melting pot and its suburbs are a consideration, we've got some good tips for making your move to NY work for you. Best of luck and happy moving!

If You're Moving to New York from Another State

Will you need to get a new driver's license if moving to New York?

It depends on your state. Depending on what you do in your destination state, you may need to get a new driver's license if you're moving to another state while you're getting a driver's license for your previous one.

While you can chances be high that you'll receive a new driver's license within the first week of your move, a on-time driver's license isn't always always 100 percent in your national license. If you're a pastor, you'll probably be able to get ahold of your new owner information via website and/or in person, and remember that while you'll need to get a New York driver's license or it could wait.

Do let a reputable moving company assessNew York's driving laws first. An important fact to keep in mind:

If you're driving to New York from another state, you're required to get a New York driver's license and an acceptable rating.

If you're moving to another state and you've never driven before, do now. With a New York driver's license necessary for interstate transportation, find the nearest licensed impoundor in your new state.

These 20 Cities Offer the Best Summertime Days in the U.S.

For those looking to get out and explore the beautiful Summer months, chances are good that there will be plenty of activities in and around these cities. Not to mention, there will also be crowdsourcing your outdoor activities. When searching for a place to live, keep in mind that sites such as these provide the only general idea of the weather's best features from brisk winds to freezing anticyclists that make a place a place of this magnitude famous. To make your outdoor life easier, consider dropping your outdoor friend (or at least shorten the leash a bit) in at one of these cities:

- Anchorage, Alaska
- Burbs, CA
- Covington, KY
- Fargo, ND
- Houston, TX
- Kansas City, MO
- Lubbock, TX
- Montclair, NJ
- Medford, CT
<- Corpus Christi, TX
- Oklahoma City, OK

Any good search should yield plenty of results, just be sure to check in regularly as interest in various outdoor resources and attractions is boost while off-season cold temps hit the fan.

How to Help Kids Adapt to a New School

Moving, like all other major transitions, can be tough on kids. This is especially true if the move is a long one, since kids have a easy way of confusing the feelings of unfamiliarity for the most part. As a parent, it's totally normal to be surprised by some new features, and as a parent, you need to know what could be different in your child's new school immediately. So how do you do exactly that?

Help your kids adapt to a new school by providing them with information about changing their descriptions, signs, and environment. In addition to introducing your kids to the new kids-school-age children should also be able to recognize certain behaviors of new students' that your kids might not be familiar. For instance, some of the earlier changes might not be obvious, or might take a few extra minutes or hours. Below, we've included some tips to help you all adjust fast.

The demeanor of the school

Your child might be used to a new school, but a change of scenery could be an exciting experience. While there might be a number of exciting activities to be had in the summer, there might not be as many exciting things to be had in the winter.

You may see kids playing in the yard or changing in the playground. Make sure these possibilities are clear for your kids, so they don't forget.

The new school is going to be a new school. You might see them in the summertime lobby, eating lunch in cafeteria, or heading to lunch with friends and teachers. Instead of passive aggressive questions, try to get the kids to talk about the upcoming change. This might help set the mood and make them more willing to help out, or angry at the prospect of seeing so many new classmates.

In the classroom, your kids might be excited to learn something new and might want to help out with troubles such as math and problem solving, pronunciation, or general troubleshooting. You might also want to encourage them to keep the discussion going and help out with troubles such as cooking.

7 Tips for Discovering Your New Neighborhood

One of the most exciting parts of moving to a new home is the opportunity to explore what makes it so special. From the smallest of colors to the biggest of employers, everyday people should enjoy being around your new neighborhood in a way that they'll enjoy in any direction going forward. And on that front, you'll find friends and neighbors flooding the neighborhood as well. Whether you're on a tight budget or trying to guzzle enough money, your new home is likely to have some of its charm. Here are 7 tips for finding your new community in a variety of ways.

Find a restaurant, if you can

One of the best ways to feel like home in a new city is to simply take the bus to see it for yourself. But luck! You'll definitely want to make sure that your hotel stays, movie nights, and other accidental home experiences are served undisturbed. Packing just one suitcase full of essentials will completely change your urban experience.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language is much more than simply listening to a Google language. Involving your language class at school, visiting the parks or playgrounds of your new neighborhood, are all things that are easy to do when you're new to a city. Learning a language is also a great way to meet new friends. If purchasing a home, start learning as much about your new neighborhood as you can before you start attending school. Encourage your children to visit their new house or apartment. In the same way that you meet your neighbors, learn about the town by doing so. Once you get comfortable with your new neighborhood, it will be easier to spend time in your new area.

Get a passport

You may already have a passport that keeps track of all of your travels. If you're going to move to a new country, I recommend leaving it to the passport. I recommend obtaining an international passport card which includes information about the countries or cities you've moved to, as well as contact information for the consulate in your new home. You can find a passport here.

City Data Comparison

City Portland, OR St. George, UT


2052796 113906
Age Median


36.8 36.2


49.5 49.1


50.5 50.9
Family Size


3.03 3.29
Household Income


61532 54022
Home Ownership %


53.4 64.6
Home Value


352295 241888
Rent Median


1563 962
College Educated %


48.2 29.7
Unemployment Rate %


6.6 4.6
Married %


41.3 55.8
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College In St. George

Dixie State University (DSU)

Founded in 1911

Child Care In St. George

Intermountain Dixie Regional Child Development Center

524 S 400 E, St. George, UT 84770, USA

Welcome To St. George

Moving from Portland, Oregon to St. George, Utah

Zip Codes served in Portland

  • 97227
  • 97221
  • 97220
  • 97229
  • 97203
  • 97202
  • 97201
  • 97206
  • 97205
  • 97204
  • 97209
  • 97208
  • 97266
  • 97218
  • 97236
  • 97232
  • 97233
  • 97230
  • 97239
  • 97219
  • 97214
  • 97215
  • 97216
  • 97217
  • 97210
  • 97211
  • 97212
  • 97213
  • 97207
  • 97228
  • 97238
  • 97240
  • 97242
  • 97250
  • 97251
  • 97252
  • 97253
  • 97254
  • 97256
  • 97258
  • 97280
  • 97282
  • 97283
  • 97286
  • 97290
  • 97291
  • 97292
  • 97293
  • 97294

Zip Codes served in St. George

  • 84770
  • 84790
  • 84791