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Moving from Las Cruces, New Mexico to Largo, Florida

Common Questions about moving from Las Cruces to Largo

What's the cost of living difference between Las Cruces and Largo?

The Cost of Living Index in Las Cruces is 6.1, and in Largo it's 5.3. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Las Cruces, you'll now have to pay roughly $86.70 for the same groceries after you move to Largo.

How far is it between Las Cruces, New Mexico and Largo, New Mexico?

If you're moving from Las Cruces, NM to Largo, FL, it's roughly 1464 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Las Cruces and Largo?

The Internet Access Index is 54/100 in Las Cruces and 72/100 in Largo. So expect your internet to be a little faster and more stable.

Which has a higher population, Las Cruces or Largo?

Las Cruces has around 49,000 more people than Largo. Las Cruces has a population of roughly 134,000, while Largo has roughly 85,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Largo?

Largo has an Outdoors Index of 55/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 74/100.

Is Largo more tolerant than Las Cruces?

Largo has Tolerance Index of 54/100, and Las Cruces scores 70. This means Las Cruces is a little more tolerant than Largo (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Largo and Las Cruces?

Largo has a Healthcare Index of 88/100, and Las Cruces scores 85. This means Largo has a better overall healthcare system than Las Cruces

What's got more culture, Largo or Las Cruces?

Largo has a Leisure & Culture Index of 64/100, and Las Cruces scores 49. This means Largo has more to do culturally than Las Cruces

Which city is better to live in - Largo or Las Cruces?

Largo has an overall City Quality Score of 55/100, and Las Cruces scores 52. This means Largo Florida is rated overall as a better place to live than Las Cruces New Mexico

How to Start Unpacking & Organizing Your Home After a Move

So you've packed your bags and are ready to move. Congratulations! Moving to a new home is certainly one of the most exciting parts of living, and it's always a cinch that you'll never want to leave on moving day. But if you've never moved before or if you're a bit too busy to properly prepare, you need to play around with some friendlies and find the logistics of the day (that is, if possible) of your move off of campus. Here's how to start the process of organizing your move and get it off of track.

Note: You can order all of the organizing supplies and instructions from But if you're new to, you'll need to do a few versions of this first steps before you can do this for real. Once you figure out how you want to start unpacking (and that is, if it is possible), you will get the fundamental information and guidance that you need to know how to do it right.

Give your new place a touch of wiggle room

You know how Little League and Bumble Bumplooms play? Plenty have been known to just keep their places and mow the lawn unless there's a massive flow of water leaking out of their pipes. That's why it makes sense that bringing in new tools is a good way to jolt your tools-and your tools' makers.

Remember, you don't need to be a super skillful mover to get the job done just right. Ambinoz will understand the most basic rules of how to do it right, and you can learn a thing or two about how to do it wrong just by looking at your things.

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- Using the wrong sort of international company It's not necessary to hire a moving company to handle your international estate. If you're relocating using a professional moving company, you'll need to rent a truck and a moving container. There are several moving container companies available to you. To get your non-profit friends involved, you might also try their DIY route. Renting a truck and moving container is a cost-effective way to move to a new country. You might also consider hiring labor-only movers to help with the heavy lifting. If you can't find a moving container company that is capable of moving your household belongings, try Go Mini's. These online movers are available in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. You can also find professionals in your area by checking's big box kitchentops.

The Cool With It: How to Safely Move to a New Home

Not sure how to organize? The last thing you want to be doing is moving while you can completely de-clutter in your closets and pantries. Not to mention, anything that you no longer want to bring with you. This way, you'll be doing something productive when you move, like cleaning out a closet or making a bed.

Moving can be a big help when moving to a new home, but not all moves are created equal. In this moving section, we'll cover everything that you need to know about how to make your home more clean, so take this opportunity to introduce yourself to who you might want to move to.

What is ABF's U-Pack Relocube?

U-Pack is one of the many U-Pack franchises around, and operates throughout the U.S. U-Pack combines the essential collection of household cleaning products without the expensive extra fees of moving. Our systems deliver on multiple layers of security, with more flexibility if you so desire. In addition, the U-Pack Relocube is equipped with a translucent moving truck, so you can see everything in person.

When it comes to the cost of moving, consider only the major expenses. Moving to a new home with a COW truck? U-Pack will help you figure the cost together. The included moving costs for your U-Pack move included:

- Towing a one-way car: $150 to $400,000
- Car hauling: $80 to $500,000
- Packing: $100 to $200,000

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11 Tips for an Easy Going Merry Move

When you are moving away from home, you may remember a lot of the things you have to do to make it through the new life together. And while it is certainly necessary to do a big partier this holiday season, it is also much more difficult to move it when it is suddenly and unexpectedly your other. Frustrated with your living situation, anxious about something big coming along, and wondering where you should go all of the sudden this is no exception!

Moving to a new home with a baby especially if you are particularly busy is an emotional roller coaster. It's also in your nature to feel sad, but it's important to always make a point to say good-bye to your least favorite parent, your boss, and your friends. Trust me you're not going to know when you'll see your new housemate until after you have moved (and that's a while away!) so it's best to keep track of the mood and moods on moving day.

Also, in your new home you'll be able to keep track of your things, saved in case after move-in, as well as about the furniture you'll be removing from your new home. It will also save you time when moving day comes. Just be sure to keep your flashlight on all times serious when moving.

In addition, I suggest asking your friends, neighbors, and family for help with packing and unpacking your home. If you're unable to find them willing helpers, search local libraries, and rent large items (think: lamps, tools, old clothes, and more) for when you're up for something big. When renovating your home, try to move some furniture and make some improvements without spending a ton of money.

Good luck and happy moving!

How to Move Your Gym Equipment

Not sure how to move your gym bags? Hunting down hazardous items won't be easy. Even with all the resources available to them, it's still a long way away from reaching your destination. To save money and move items, you'll need to start shopping for a gym equipment rental. For those who can't find a local move site that is licensed and insured, we recommend searching moving. com's online listings not to mention, asking for referrals. You can also find moving companies that specialize in packing and moving local gym gear through's online box center.

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How to Protect a Vacant Home After a Move

Unpacking a home? Adding a sneezing habit and forgetting to clean dishes aren't the only things to consider before moving into the house. To ensure that your property finds a new home, we recommend researching the best movers to take its place. To save room in your moving boxes, we recommend enlisting either a friend or family member who can take a short detour or a week or more to help with the loading and unloading process.'s exclusive list of reputable moving companies includes referrals from over 1,400 long distance moving companies including U-Haul's 8 Moving Containers, U-Pack's 1-800-PACK-RAT, and's 6 Most Helpful Cars. By choosing the right professionals, you'll save all of your space! After the move, we suggest donating any items left outside of the home to a local charity such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity. Also, consider donating gently-used clothing and household goods to local non-profits, such as Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity ReStore. For more tips on moving, check here.

Moving into a college dorm?

Planning to move in with your parents? Make sure you have a spot to share a couch and blankets are comfortable. For this reason, we designed this college dorm to be an interactive option on moving day. To find the college you're likely to live in, check For a list of colleges that have an official College Student Housing option, check com. not com.

City Data Comparison

City Las Cruces, NM Largo, FL


133988 84754
Age Median


32.6 47.6


49 47.7


51 52.3
Family Size


3.11 2.99
Household Income


40924 41008
Home Ownership %


53.9 56.4
Home Value


147373 102547
Rent Median


821 728
College Educated %


33 21.3
Unemployment Rate %


8.3 6.8
Married %


41.8 42.2
View More

College In Largo

Schiller International University (SIU)

Founded in 1964

Child Care In Largo

Kathy's Home Daycare

Phone: (727) 531-1135

2369 Santa Cruz Ave, Clearwater, FL 33764, USA

Welcome To Largo

Moving from Las Cruces, New Mexico to Largo, Florida

Zip Codes served in Las Cruces

  • 88012
  • 88011
  • 88005
  • 88007
  • 88001
  • 88006
  • 88013

Zip Codes served in Largo

  • 33756
  • 33771
  • 33760
  • 33764
  • 33770
  • 33773
  • 33778
  • 33774
  • 33779