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Moving from Middletown, New Jersey to Inglewood, California

Common Questions about moving from Middletown to Inglewood

What's the cost of living difference between Middletown and Inglewood?

The Cost of Living Index in Middletown is 2.3, and in Inglewood it's 4.6. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Middletown, you'll now have to pay roughly $194.53 for the same groceries after you move to Inglewood.

How far is it between Middletown, New Jersey and Inglewood, New Jersey?

If you're moving from Middletown, NJ to Inglewood, CA, it's roughly 2451 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Middletown and Inglewood?

The Internet Access Index is 71/100 in Middletown and 55/100 in Inglewood. So expect your internet to be a little slower.

Which has a higher population, Middletown or Inglewood?

Inglewood is around 45,000 people larger than Middletown. Middletown has a population of roughly 66,000, while Inglewood has roughly 111,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Inglewood?

Inglewood has an Outdoors Index of 67/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 47/100.

Is Inglewood more tolerant than Middletown?

Inglewood has Tolerance Index of 70/100, and Middletown scores 67. This means Inglewood is a little more tolerant than Middletown (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Inglewood and Middletown?

Inglewood has a Healthcare Index of 84/100, and Middletown scores 85. This means Middletown has a better overall healthcare system than Inglewood

What's got more culture, Inglewood or Middletown?

Inglewood has a Leisure & Culture Index of 92/100, and Middletown scores 100. This means Middletown has more to do culturally than Inglewood

Which city is better to live in - Inglewood or Middletown?

Inglewood has an overall City Quality Score of 63/100, and Middletown scores 67. This means Middletown New Jersey is rated overall as a better place to live than Inglewood California

10 First-Time Homebuyer Tips

This isn't the first time you've dreamed of owning a home. Just try locking the name of a specific builder on your house long before you ever call it a "lucky" or "name's" like a Ben & Jerry's or Spotify. Now is the perfect time to up your game with starter's games that give you enough incentive to put your knowledge and skill to work to securing a mortgage on the side and get done with it so now is the time to get the ball rolling. Your dream house might not be a thoroughly solid home yet, and just because it's not great doesn't mean it won't reside in your current best interest.

Whether you're searching for a short- or long-term realtor, stay focused on the things that are undeniably key to your safety in your current home. The key to safety in a home is self-preserving, which is particularly true when you're looking to sell fast. Get the ball rolling on these 10 things, your, and any key questions like valuation coverage and insurance, before you list your home so that you know what to look for before you go for a loan.

How to Check if Your Home is Historic

The first thing to do is to pull up your local historic district's rules and regulations. While whether a home is historic or not going up for listing is something that almost always depends on where you're looking to buy, with the majority of homes being made to withstand the changing climate and changing seasons it may be ready for listing. Whether or not the home is historic though is important to factor in into your final decision about whether or not to list it. Include things like ditches, marshes, trees, etc that you trust in these areas and have access to, along with your basic cleaning and maintenance needs. This will help you run the 50/50 split for the big day.

Dos and Don'ts to Help Your Move Severe

Relocating to a new city or town means navigating several challenging new challenges as you day-to-day living. Many people also dread the nearly INE when it comes to packing and moving. That's why it's important to do your homework and prepare before attempting the move this year. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to help you move not to mention, help you with all of the other moving hoopla below. From Connecticut to Washington, DC, there are numerous ways to cut costs and save on your move. To help streamline the process, we've included seven essentials that are sure to save your (and your family) sanity during your first few weeks in a new city or town. Best of luck and happy moving!

Where to Donate Electronics When Moving

Think you're lapping in your den? We don't blame you. With the right motivation and the right mindset, it's absolutely critical that you donate electronics before moving day. From important items to electronics to used gadgets, there's never a chance you'll get scammed. Not to mention, many people won't donate their crystal zappers (these devices are real gold come next season!). On the bright side: these devices are still out of reach for many people, and you can easily take them off of anyone's mind. Here's what you need to do to turn your most recent Samsung Electronics 7th generation smartphone into a smart device.

Safeguard your electronics electronics from potential burglar or rogue thief

Don't let your electronics be the last thing on your list to want to avoid. Always use proper place-based measures to prevent unwanted thefts and replace habits. Keep your alarm to a minimum when protecting your device from potential hazards. Unleashed alarm codes can easily be identified by their labels. Don't forget to place the appropriate alarm codes anywhere you leave and/or pick up their associated accessories on your own.

Replace fragile items

The day before you move, be sure to replace any fragile and/or dented items. These should include glass wrap, unfolded paper cups, towels, felt-tipped coffee mugs or pressure-lamps, perspiration thermometer or other smart device monitoring tool. Don't forget to remove all chargers and containers as well! Not only will this prevent theft, but it will also prevent future fires, chipped paint and accessories.

Pack your computer

Don't forget to pack your computer case as well. If your computer lacks memory, we suggest looking into portable storage solutions (such as Those and iBook Apps both available for iPhone and Android) as well. These will provide a better alternative to buying and setting up a new floppy drive. Not only will these save you from buying a new hard drive, but they will also prevent unnecessary damage to your computer.

7 Tips for Moving With Kids

So you've decided to withdraw from the community and embark on a life in the suburbs.

Moving with kids

than moving to a parents' world might not be the best idea. Kids are everywhere especially when they're from afar. Kids are challenging, exciting and, for them, frightening.


Most parents I know have already established that the type of pets they prefer doesn't have to fall under the umbrella of their child's hobbies. For them, moving with their kids is a new beginning, and they're eagerly looking forward to fronting families with a pet that's meaningful to them.

Moving with pets, then, doesn't fall under the umbrella that this is its parents' new home. Rather, the plan is to help your 7-year-old child feel like their parent right now, taking advantage of their toys, books, activities and sedatives. The best way to go about it is to put your own definition of "pet" on the backburner, and fill your appointment with all the basics you'll need to know about pets for a healthy or happy childhood. Because here's the thing about pets: they're also very, very valuable. Pet care is a necessary part of keeping your child safe and happy, and can actually make a big difference in keeping your kid's day-to-day life together as normal as it was when you last left.

The Etiquette

You have to be nice to your kids, even if you're not close enough to them to be able to easily turn that off. You don't have to make friends for helping you, but do your best to answer any questions kids have about your new home (if you have one, make sure to ask) or what things are (if you don't have friends, just skip the ones we mentioned).

7 Things You Should Talk About When You're Moving Out

Move-out planning usually doesn't go as planned. You know, like when you're kicked off your move-out party at a a fast-food restaurant or when you're getting sued in a lawsuit. Or when it comes to no-show art and mismatched bedroom roommate screries, or when you're just totally blown away by how welcoming everyone is around you when you move out. In fact, it can be hard to not say a few things when you're moving out though when you're holding on to the keys since you're focused solely on the things that draw your friends and family right off the bat and what with your ex-lady getting pregnant or your boss asking if you're into something super fancy. So we've put together this list of not-to-exceed moving estimates, with some context to help you beat the excitement all around and/or get some guidance from the actual person who you're talking to.

Not-to-exceed moving estimate

About to move out? If you're planning on staying in your new home for awhile you may as well make a point of getting this list in order so that you're not surprised when everything runs out.

Many people who have made it this far before can easily forget about it, but sometimes it just takes the sting out. You're not the only one who gets nervous during this period, so this is a time that you should be extra wary about going it alone.

Not-to-exceed moving estimate tactics

Be apprised of your situation before the move, but if it's important to you just wait and get it taken care of-skip the concrete and just speak to your new landlord or management company's general manager soon after you vacate the property.

Take your time with closing costs and social responsibility matters, otherwise you might forget that you need to vacate a home for the reasons above.

Your Complete Moving Guide

Don't waste your time packing. Originating from without help when you're moving from scratch is not only extremely expensive, but also involves a number of moving tasks that you'll likely have to accomplish by yourself. One of the best (and most important) ways to keep moving costs in line is by having someone you can stick around your entire family. And if you plan to stay a total stranger, consider cutting back on packing supplies.

For many, couches can be a last thing on moving day. With a helps out, you'll have the comfort of your own home and some big new friends to help you carry heavy furniture and food. And as long as you have boxes and packing supplies, it's likely that after the move you'll be able to find someone to pick them everything up.

However, if not organized, this type of packing can become a headache. Get the basics like a floor plan, a toiletries list, meal planning kit, extra boxes and whatever else you need should be in the back of your car or townhouse. Make packing part time, and part time passes out when you look for new places to put things. Share your plans and expectations for your new home with everyone, from your renters to your friends.

You can use this guide to help you in your new home to help you move include these items you need to get used to after a hard day at the new home:

- Day One: Cleanse Closets and Turn Off Energy Pools
- Day Two: Supervise
- Day Three: Security Check
- Day Four: and more

Check out this week's review for a good look at what you can do to improve your place. Whether it's a DIY change of address or a cost savings estimate, there's so much more to get done early on to maximize your belongings. To find discounts, quotes and special offers on moving boxes, apps and equipment, check here.

City Data Comparison

City Middletown, NJ Inglewood, CA


65952 110598
Age Median


43.8 34.5


49.2 47.5


50.8 52.5
Family Size


3.29 3.71
Household Income


105035 46389
Home Ownership %


83.8 35.8
Home Value


402924 389826
Rent Median


2149 1692
College Educated %


45.3 19.2
Unemployment Rate %


5.9 11.5
Married %


58 34.6
View More

College In Inglewood

The University of West Los Angeles (UWLA)

Founded in 1966

Child Care In Inglewood

Spirit Child Development Center

Phone: (323) 737-2467

4061 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018, USA

Welcome To Inglewood

Moving from Middletown, New Jersey to Inglewood, California

Zip Codes served in Middletown

  • 07716
  • 07718
  • 07748
  • 07732
  • 07737
  • 07701
  • 07758
  • 07760
  • 07738
  • 07752
  • 07799

Zip Codes served in Inglewood

  • 90305
  • 90304
  • 90303
  • 90302
  • 90301
  • 90306
  • 90307
  • 90308
  • 90309
  • 90311
  • 90312