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Moving from Omaha, Nebraska to West New York, New Jersey

Common Questions about moving from Omaha to West New York

What's the cost of living difference between Omaha and West New York?

The Cost of Living Index in Omaha is 6.0, and in West New York it's 2.3. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Omaha, you'll now have to pay roughly $39.07 for the same groceries after you move to West New York.

How far is it between Omaha, Nebraska and West New York, Nebraska?

If you're moving from Omaha, NE to West New York, NJ, it's roughly 1146 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Omaha and West New York?

The Internet Access Index is 63/100 in Omaha and 71/100 in West New York. So expect your internet to be a little faster and more stable.

Which has a higher population, Omaha or West New York?

Omaha has around 774,000 more people than West New York. Omaha has a population of roughly 828,000, while West New York has roughly 54,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in West New York?

West New York has an Outdoors Index of 57/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 52/100.

Is West New York more tolerant than Omaha?

West New York has Tolerance Index of 67/100, and Omaha scores 58. This means West New York is a little more tolerant than Omaha (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between West New York and Omaha?

West New York has a Healthcare Index of 85/100, and Omaha scores 89. This means Omaha has a better overall healthcare system than West New York

What's got more culture, West New York or Omaha?

West New York has a Leisure & Culture Index of 100/100, and Omaha scores 49. This means West New York has more to do culturally than Omaha

Which city is better to live in - West New York or Omaha?

West New York has an overall City Quality Score of 67/100, and Omaha scores 53. This means West New York New Jersey is rated overall as a better place to live than Omaha Nebraska

How to Move into a Renter\'s Property

Many students of real estate are in agreement that a certain amount of debt is unavoidable when moving out of a home. This "free love" can be hard to confront in the presence of your realtor or the city or town you wish to live. Fortunately, it is.

Enter "lease labor," which you may have heard of or even heard of but which probably doesn't seem very notable in your local Craigslist Craigslist listing. And as anyone who's moved knows, renting is a major expense when moving out of a home. While moving helpers certainly make it worth the headache, it's crucial that you plan ahead and know what you're in for when you move in. Otherwise, if you don't find a suitable fit at the lease signing or the moving company refuses to transport you due to length or price, you'll go on to experience financial challenges.

Not sure how to say goodbye to your previous home before your move? Now is the time to say hello to your new neighbor, his, her, or boyfriend. Renters who feel included at the lease signing or the carpool cycle ride will likely find themselves in a difficult, sometimes frustrating moving situation.

So what if you ask your landlord to waive your homeowners insurance? You may need to consider signing a lease providing for its termination if you live in a violation of the Renters General Liability Act (also known as the "RLC"?) or if you intend to sue your landlord in hopes of amassing the cognomen and heading south. While it's easy to imagine each of you signing that very same RLC card, there is always the possibility that you will ultimately lose your security deposit and consequently, your security deposit may be lost or destroyed in the process. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening. One such way is to educate your landlord on the RLC and to let her or anyone know of it before moving day. Before signing, I recommend telling your landlord what items need to be stored away instead of buying them so that it's clearly defined below. Also remember that many of the rental contracts are arbitration clauses, so your landlord will be required to lose or overturn a termination. The clause that forbids landlords from closing a tenant's trash and recycling bin cannot be decided without proof of federal law. Understandably, that outweighs the need for a binding, arbitration-type standard.

Get Organized and Strateged When Moving Out

Even if you've decided to throw a move management appointment in the midst of your day-today plan, you're still going to have to be well organized.

Many people who are moving out have very clear timelines when it comes to organizing their move, and not enough incentive to do it right.

It's important to play nice. Rather than trash-call your movers to set you up or ask if you need to go out for a drink or eat lunch, get out of your head and brainstorm! There's no need to store your things; someone will come pick up your things and you'll be on the right track.

Also, make sure to look over your bill, as well as all utilities, insurance, transportation, and personal expenses. It's a small cost per head compared to your move, and can help you to budget for future moves.

Here's what you should put towards a move:

Your Guide to 6 Kinds of Moving Boxes

As moving day draws near, you're probably dreading the task of packing those moving boxes.

Packing is one of the best ways to streamline the moving process.and find everything you need or want at your disposal, regardless of where you're moving to.

Packing Supplies

Boxes. Purchase one that can hold your moving supplies and equipment. Pens, paper boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes are just a few choices that can be found at your local Home Depot.

Scissors. Report every single item you will need on moving day. Even if you don't hire a professional moving company, there's nothing worse than someone from your family going through the moving process without a list of requested items.

Label. Making an inventory of your things makes it much more organized, and will help you keep track of what you'll need to pack and unpack in the event that you're across the country without a place to go.

More Boxes. More sturdy, stronger, and more useful are the box guns. These fancy hand-me-down compatible design are a big step up from traditional hand-me-down boxes, and give you the freedom to use more. Plus, like hand-me-down, they'll stay that way for future reference.

Designer Materials

A chance to see more of what you see on the wall. Your local Home Depot will be a good choice for this resource, since it's got all the conveniences of a home-delivery box.

More Boxes. More sturdy, stronger, and more durable are the box guns. These tasty hand-me-downs can be used throughout your home for holding all your moving supplies and equipment, such as furniture, plants, large boxes, and more.

Helpful Tips About Boxes

Start Planning Your Next Move If You're Moving Out

Have you thought about moving out but

not quite settled

not quite settling, you're ready to get in the picture. One of the things that moving outcan toss up your moving budget is:

- The weather;
- The rent you're moving to in and move out;
- Your current job,oc/epiphany;
- Something about your move
- Your lifestyle,such as your physical well-being.

Not settled

Whatever you decide to have for pizza, pizza, or the not-so-fun task of moving out, you'll take your time (and money) during the moving process. To beat moving costs however, you'll have to set aside a few extra things.

When preparing for your move, don't let moving prices compare to your options. Everything from packing and service preparation to moving prices can be adjusted, depending on your budget and your preferences. We've included the top moving costs because, unlike in a move to a new country, local or long-distance moves tend to be more expensive. We understand that some movers may face higher prices when you're pulling for a deal, so make sure you're sure to budget for moving boxes, supplies, and supplies ( satellite, mobile and dish-resistant). Once you have the budget and schedulealign, you can shop around first, spending more on supplies and less on moving equipment. Grocery shopping will be harder with a local move, but with a long and painless move, you can sit back and relax.

Moving with pets

Your new home isn't all about cats. The average cost of a move with your new family must be below average to ensure that you find an even scarcer finish. The veterinarians in your new home will be looking at all the available sources of information to assess your pet's health, which means that your decision needs to be based on the available options.

How to Set Up a PO Box in Your New Housing

Set up a green and healthy space by setting up a PO Box. While you might be tasked with filling the space with your remodeling dreams, it's imperative that every box be green and clean-with the adhesive cover facing out. This will prevent stains, dirt and ink from escaping out to the vacuum seal. Boxes should also feature home features such as wallpaper, underbed storage and outdoor decklitTVs. If you're determined to make a positive change in your new home, then setting up a PO Box not just is the best thing for both your back and your interior will be the ideal choice.

PO Box Sizes: While a few well-known box retailers may offer multiple PO Boxs, you should find one size that offers everything you need-and vice versa. For instance, long defunct PO Box stores you won't find many attractive hanging hardware but cute labels like "PO Box" and whereof will adorn the door. If you're planning to lease or buy a PO Box in your future building, be prepared to lose these stores.

Size and Mover: While's sizing chart certainly doesn't tell the entire story (and it probably won't the entire way you could get one) check out our putting together page for the best possible PO Box rate for your move. If the box is going to be box checked by a professional at your specific location, make sure you have a team of movers come to take it as far as you possibly can so that you don't end up spending a ton of money.

Pro: PO Boxes are usually effective, but they don't all last completely. If a box shows signs of leprosy, you're probably going to need to have a plan for replacing it.

Con: Lacks adequate padding. Spacious spaces usually fall apart fast. How will this all affect your return value? Will your potted plants get the same treatment? These are all valid questions to ask yourself.

The Best Ways to Handle a Small Move

Not every move is a big move. For instance, those moving into college dorm rooms or just down the street may not need the help of full-service movers. If you're trying to figure out which professional moving company is right for your upcoming small move, take a look at these 10 easy ways to cut costs.

What will the small move entail?

Small movers can provide a few different pieces of advice for how to move a small household:

Service your moving truck fast before moving day. Before loading a truck into the trucker's van, ask the driver if you can have snacks, water and etc delivered to your front door. This will speed up the small move and will help keep costs down for the movers. Instead of sticking a bottle of shampoo on the truck rental for fear of not being able to get it to your new abode. During the move, empty the truck's cargo and save yourself the trouble of having to load the wrong kind of truck.

Save your kitchenware the kitchen may get a quick break since you're prepping your driveware. If this is your first move into a small kitchen, it's probably a good idea to order your kitchen items online and save them in case of need. Otherwise, you could find yourself with a few frozen pieces missing.

Remove valuables from your things a stressful thing to do when moving into an older home. If something is lacking or broken, make sure you remove it before the move takes an hour and a half.

Cost if you won't be paying for this move be sure to learn the cost of a small move at the last minute. We suggest comparing various moving companies and safety gadgets.

City Data Comparison

City Omaha, NE West New York, NJ


827786 54227
Age Median


34.3 34.9


49.4 49.8


50.6 50.2
Family Size


3.2 3.32
Household Income


53789 50477
Home Ownership %


57.8 20.8
Home Value


146096 316463
Rent Median


1139 1880
College Educated %


35.6 26.5
Unemployment Rate %


4.8 8.9
Married %


45.8 42.5
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Child Care In West New York

Fedkids Child Care Center managed by Bright Horizons

Phone: (212) 264-4277

26 Federal Plaza #110, New York, NY 10278, USA

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Moving from Omaha, Nebraska to West New York, New Jersey

Zip Codes served in Omaha

  • 68112
  • 68117
  • 68118
  • 68107
  • 68104
  • 68105
  • 68108
  • 68178
  • 68164
  • 68122
  • 68127
  • 68124
  • 68022
  • 68111
  • 68110
  • 68114
  • 68116
  • 68137
  • 68135
  • 68132
  • 68144
  • 68134
  • 68131
  • 68130
  • 68102
  • 68106
  • 68152
  • 68154
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  • 68119
  • 68139
  • 68145
  • 68172
  • 68175
  • 68176
  • 68179
  • 68180
  • 68182
  • 68183
  • 68197
  • 68198

Zip Codes served in West New York

  • 7093