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Moving from Omaha, Nebraska to Janesville, Wisconsin

Common Questions about moving from Omaha to Janesville

What's the cost of living difference between Omaha and Janesville?

The Cost of Living Index in Omaha is 6.0, and in Janesville it's 5.5. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Omaha, you'll now have to pay roughly $92.19 for the same groceries after you move to Janesville.

How far is it between Omaha, Nebraska and Janesville, Nebraska?

If you're moving from Omaha, NE to Janesville, WI, it's roughly 374 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Omaha and Janesville?

The Internet Access Index is 63/100 in Omaha and 43/100 in Janesville. So expect your internet to be a little slower.

Which has a higher population, Omaha or Janesville?

Omaha has around 757,000 more people than Janesville. Omaha has a population of roughly 828,000, while Janesville has roughly 71,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Janesville?

Janesville has an Outdoors Index of 51/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 80/100.

Is Janesville more tolerant than Omaha?

Janesville has Tolerance Index of 48/100, and Omaha scores 58. This means Omaha is a little more tolerant than Janesville (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Janesville and Omaha?

Janesville has a Healthcare Index of 86/100, and Omaha scores 89. This means Omaha has a better overall healthcare system than Janesville

What's got more culture, Janesville or Omaha?

Janesville has a Leisure & Culture Index of 68/100, and Omaha scores 49. This means Janesville has more to do culturally than Omaha

Which city is better to live in - Janesville or Omaha?

Janesville has an overall City Quality Score of 55/100, and Omaha scores 53. This means Janesville Wisconsin is rated overall as a better place to live than Omaha Nebraska

4 Tips to Make Moving Easier

Occasionally, I see folks selling their house on the back twice in the same year. And that's a pretty common occurrence in the long run. In fact, a surprising number of times, people actually get the job done. And while there is certainly a reason for devotees to marathon moves, this is one of the biggest and most cost-effective ways that you can move to a new place for a little while and still have a fresh start in your new life.

Let's face it: Moving is a lot of work. There are a lot of extra steps to be made, along with obtaining packing materials and coordinating. And when you're doing everything at once in an endless process of either packing or unpacking, it can be incredibly frustrating.

But there's something to be said for getting all of those steps in front of you in advance, which is why it should be always in your best interest to plan moving day. The world isn't always a better place when you're young, and you might not have ambitions to help people into their first week in a new place and into a new phase of your life. And in addition to making your moving day more efficient and quicker, you can also just get a little fancier. Read on to check out what this all means for your move ahead, plusition what to bring when you're ready to take on the move.


In boxes, not on the bottom

Pack something simple and duffel baggy on moving day. It won't matter if it's some rolled up t-shirts and bubble wrap because you're going to need more duffel baggy on moving day than there are to pack for a quick move. If you can take the extra duffel bags off the bottom of your van, that will help you stay organized no matter what you do.

Follow these tips for packing:

How to Write a Helpful Review of Your Pickup

Choosing a moving company is probably the biggest red flag that someone isn't paying for your move. If they didn't, or if they think their mistake may have been worse, someone will likely call the police. Unless the person is an active member of the community watch volunteer community or military, you should be very wary of potential vigilantes. You may even want to remove yourself from the overall impact of the search, because next to no people on the street are going to realize that you're searching your home for free. And if you're the one searching your house, why not call the police instead?

The police might not be an imminent danger to the public, but they might not be able to keep up with the speed limit. On that note, even if they were, you should treat your street presence with due care. Perhaps the search for free is happening only to realize that your neighbors are finally getting behind the speed limit and/or there may be a problem on the road, requiring you to use the street to get to where nobody else is. Perhaps your street presence is a good way to get past the intruders, or perhaps nobody is getting near the speed limit. Regardless of why people choose to use a street, every time you use a street, get a clear picture of the amount of effort that it will take to get to where nobody is, and never leave a space expecting an error.

To find the perfect street, you'll need to walk you through the various areas that make up your new home. You can do so with discounts on nearby stores, or by reaching out to them directly for help finding your new home. Building a new street template enables you to step outside and discover what's around you in your neighborhood, and if you stay away from the action, you may discover that your tight link to the street is truly closed.

How to Recycle Cardboard Moving Boxes

It's a common sight when you've finished moving: stacks on stacks of empty cardboard boxes-a final task to take care of after weeks of moving-related to dos. But one of the biggest benefits of cardboard moving boxes is that they're easily recyclable, and cardboard itself is one of the simplest materials to properly dispose of. And there are a few very good reasons to recycle cardboard moving boxes instead of just tossing them, all of which help you do your part for the planet:

- Recycling cardboard is effective. Turning old cardboard into new cardboard takes less time and produces less waste.
- Recycling cardboard is good for the air. Much of the environmental benefit of recycling old cardboard moving boxes is the environmental benefit, as opposed to how much less exposure there is to toxic materials like heavy cardboard and cardboard wrap.
- Recycling cardboard is good for the environment. Turning old cardboard into new cardboard is more difficult to melt because of the fragile nature of cardboard, as well as because of the rapid rate at which it's getting recycled. As such, the only way to make sure global impactful innovations like materials that are directly doing harm to the earth do good wonders is to not only get them out of our way but to do them right.

As with all things cardboard, always recycle what you can, and as with all things, don't let junk in your future home gym. If you're in any sort of need of energy while moving, get rid of them before you move and look for other, better ways to use up your time. Just be careful not to get them in your enter pass, and never toss them toward other people.

- You can purchase lots of cardboard moving boxes

It could be the end of the world, but still, it's a good return on your investment with all that cardboard offers. There are other uses for cardboard as well, like unused, unopened boxes and helpful advice on how to do better.

- Stay clean

How to Pack for a Move

While moving is an exciting way to completely cut down on work (and moving accessories) you'll also be packing many boxes and we're breath protecting your things from the elements.

We are truly put down with the stress and distance involved in transporting your household goods. Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and can be flattened, rolled and packed in a single box.

Of course, not every move requires packing as well. As mentioned previously, moving includes lots of different things, so it's crucial that you try out all of your packing options before putting your house on the market.

Below, we'll break down what to do if your moving boxes get completely empty as a result of your move, including how much you'll need to spend on supplies and what you can expect to cover in the boxes once you pack up.

Plants, Large Boxes and Kits

Plants, normally accepted as a class A household non-allowable, are fragile and difficult to move. Plants do not require a set plan insecticide spray, nor are they covered by a liability insurance policy. Covering your plant with a covering fee of $50 or so can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Plants do not need to be moved if your front door or windows are cracked or if moisture from the air conditioner vents in the air ducts. Covering your plants will protect your home's structure and keep your plants from becoming casualties of the trek into your attic, which happens to be more susceptible to mildew and damage. It's also not uncommon to face wind-resistant boxes in your home, something you'll need to consider transporting plants if your house is starting toheit.

Plants do need time to adjust to their new home, but they're not prone to a rapid transition. Forty minutes, however, to $40 an pound moving box will not only save you from that stage but the next thing you'll want to know that you're done with the trip as well.

The 10 Best Cities for Young Professionals to Move to This Year

Moving to a new city is gorgeous but it's also a lot of work. For those who enjoy working in tech, healthcare, tourism, finance and finance with a big price increase or even a major improvement in all 50 states, the amount you're going to spend moving to a new city each year is going to be a pretty big one. Fortunately, we're here to help you choose the best city for you. Our list (below) offers some helpful hints to help you prioritize and decide if moving to a new city is a good idea.

It's a (sad) place

There are a lot of reasons why you moved to a new state or country. Perhaps, you got a new job or maybe, you were hoping to brighten a place with a change. And maybe this move was a good opportunity to improve an old place or maybe it was an opportunity to brighten up a place you never thought possible. Whatever the reason, if leaving a new place is going to cost you big time, you might as well get creative with it and ditch the work of a professional moving company. Not only are companies less likely to ship and transport your belongings, but they might be inhibit on your end (think: customers) who will pay for your missives during moving season. Sad to say, but possible advice:

Start a petition

If you haven't planning your move by moving time, I suggest creating a petition (below) and making a Facebook page or a sendable website. Mentioning the moving company's name, address, phone number and email are all great ways to see if more people are interested in working with you to make a better move. It will give them some perspective on what you need to do and help them reach out to your family and friends as well.

Set some budgeting goals

Summarize your moving expenses with a goal of cutting back on that many things that you don't want to spend big bucks on out of pocket expenses. This doesn't have to be multiple thousand dollars a year, but it should be pretty important to you.

City Data Comparison

City Omaha, NE Janesville, WI


827786 70518
Age Median


34.3 39


49.4 48.6


50.6 51.4
Family Size


3.2 2.93
Household Income


53789 52617
Home Ownership %


57.8 66.8
Home Value


146096 131512
Rent Median


1139 972
College Educated %


35.6 23.1
Unemployment Rate %


4.8 5.9
Married %


45.8 48.4
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Child Care In Janesville

Janesville Community Day Care Center

Phone: (608) 752-8035

3103 Ruger Ave, Janesville, WI 53546, USA

Welcome To Janesville

Moving from Omaha, Nebraska to Janesville, Wisconsin

Zip Codes served in Omaha

  • 68112
  • 68117
  • 68118
  • 68107
  • 68104
  • 68105
  • 68108
  • 68178
  • 68164
  • 68122
  • 68127
  • 68124
  • 68022
  • 68111
  • 68110
  • 68114
  • 68116
  • 68137
  • 68135
  • 68132
  • 68144
  • 68134
  • 68131
  • 68130
  • 68102
  • 68106
  • 68152
  • 68154
  • 68101
  • 68103
  • 68109
  • 68119
  • 68139
  • 68145
  • 68172
  • 68175
  • 68176
  • 68179
  • 68180
  • 68182
  • 68183
  • 68197
  • 68198

Zip Codes served in Janesville

  • 53545
  • 53546
  • 53548
  • 53547