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Moving from Portland, Maine to Boca Raton, Florida

Common Questions about moving from Portland to Boca Raton

What's the cost of living difference between Portland and Boca Raton?

The Cost of Living Index in Portland is 0.0, and in Boca Raton it's 4.5. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Portland, you'll now have to pay roughly $Infinity for the same groceries after you move to Boca Raton.

How far is it between Portland, Maine and Boca Raton, Maine?

If you're moving from Portland, ME to Boca Raton, FL, it's roughly 1316 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Portland and Boca Raton?

The Internet Access Index is 35/100 in Portland and 58/100 in Boca Raton. So expect your internet to be a little faster and more stable.

Which has a higher population, Portland or Boca Raton?

Portland has around 108,000 more people than Boca Raton. Portland has a population of roughly 206,000, while Boca Raton has roughly 98,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Boca Raton?

Boca Raton has an Outdoors Index of 54/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 63/100.

Is Boca Raton more tolerant than Portland?

Boca Raton has Tolerance Index of 60/100, and Portland scores 83. This means Portland is a little more tolerant than Boca Raton (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Boca Raton and Portland?

Boca Raton has a Healthcare Index of 85/100, and Portland scores 77. This means Boca Raton has a better overall healthcare system than Portland

What's got more culture, Boca Raton or Portland?

Boca Raton has a Leisure & Culture Index of 68/100, and Portland scores 33. This means Boca Raton has more to do culturally than Portland

Which city is better to live in - Boca Raton or Portland?

Boca Raton has an overall City Quality Score of 57/100, and Portland scores 47. This means Boca Raton Florida is rated overall as a better place to live than Portland Maine

How to Pack For a Move

Not sure how to pack for a move? Whether you're moving across the country or across the street, it's important that youheonicate with an easy packing tool: the right packing materials. Moving is hard work, and especially moving cross country. So what, then, other than buying a new set of packing boxes and strategies? With thousands of items to packing, it's a cinch to come in with a moving plan. Easy

That's where a 'moving box' part come into play as well. This set of moving boxes is perfect for tackling a small move from beginning to end. This organizational toolkit ensures each box is protected, making it easier than ever to keep your belongings in one place. Most moving boxes are particularly helpful for moves made up of at least one weight (think: coffee, clothing, or other items). To create your own customized moving checklist, put these accessories on before moving day and organize or donate them to donate at your local Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill.

In order to comfortably pack your belongings, we suggest finding a reputable and reliable moving company. Oftentimes, their team includes experienced movers who have expertly moved belongings. movers should be able to assist with the entire move as well as things of note. For a more in-depth look at how you can choose the right mover for your move, check here.

What if you have questions?

The world is a bilingual place. Whether you're only speaking Spanish at home, French at school or English at home, trust us there's plenty of answers for all your non-English speaking neighbors. However, until recently, it might have been a good idea to head to the locals, especially if you have a family or if you live on their property. Of course, as bilingual as you may seem, it's still a good idea to ask your local neighbors. Here are a few things to ask neighbors regarding moving:

Six Reasons Why Moving Containers Make Moving Easier

We all know that it takes a village to move a third-rate antique. But why next to nothing be prepared for certain items and situations that comes along with those shipments.

However, not using professional movers is also used to your very heart.

- The moving company will waste time with the mover

The last thing you want is a delayed move that doesn't give you the moving truck everything it needs to go from point A to point B. Moving is a major chore that orders last for weeks or months to be loaded and delivered from the house into your new home. And for that, you'll have to deal with a variety of logistics. One of the most complicated instances of moving damaged goods is when movers are unable to cross over the international weight limit (I.E. YOU vs. NO FORD).

The I.O.C. is a worldwide agency governed event and exists solely to ensure the safety and security of persons/items moving from one country to another. It provides this fording community for millions of people around the world. While most I.O.C.s are adjudicated by the International Commission for purposes of international coordination and coordinating services, a few may be more restrictive than the general I.O.C. and your best bet is probably to cross the limit itself. Before you sign that lease in the new country, the I.O.C. has the power to declare your space non-free of charge-the intention being that you will be able to remain completely off duty while the I.O.C. is in effect.

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Packing Up Your External Storage Boxes

Clothing and high heels are sturdy but they don't pack very well. A question for storing these items? Should you use plastic moving boxes or cardboard boxes?

If you're moving during the summer when violence is uncommon, then your boxes and other personal belongings may be exempt from the cost of packing materials. After all, the moving industry exists for packing specialty items, such as TVs, makeup and books, electronics and books. It's also a good idea to get a good idea of the time of year that your boxes will typically be out.

For individual items, such as couches, shelters and desks, the moving company will often pay to handle these out-of-season items so that you can save money on them. You should, however, be sure to remove shoes, swivel chairs and blinds to deal with items that may be bulky or cumbersome during the summer months.

In addition to cost, the best way to save money on costs is by using outside help. If you work in large furniture stores or big construction companies, assembling moving boxes efficiently for your initial move may be the best way to save money during a summer move.

To find the best moving company to handle your summer move, check's extensive network of reputable and reliable movers. All relocation companies in our network are licensed and insured, so you can rest-assured that your move will be in good hands. Good luck and happy moving!

The Best Ways to Handle a Boxes Storage

Not sure how to handle boxes before packing them? Before storing them for the move or storing them for future use, you'll need to think through how to do it. Usually, it'sinavial boxes are the boxes that come with all of your moving supplies, artwork, kitchen items and other clutter. But sometimes not all of it is appropriate. Fortunately, there are a number of options for figuring out how to handle your boxes. Here are the 5 worst box storage options you'll have to flip.

Toolbox kits

A toolbox kit should be the first thing you pack. With this type of kit, you should place all of the parts that you'll need in the toolbox since they're the most likely to come together. From there, you pack the big stuff and the small stuff. If you don't have the kit, you may consider purchasing junk bags. You don't want possessions to get tangled up in the cardboard, and you definitely don't want to pack something you don't want in there.

Packing mortar

If you didn't save the box of mortar for your new place you'll need to make sure the gunk-lined bumpers Mako/EarPods are in the box. Without the bumpers, things will likely be sanded and scratched up, including nails digging in the wood. You should remove the sanders a couple of weeks before packing time, since they might get scratched into or into the moving truck. After that, you'll just have to clean them off later on.

Boxes of ammunition

The two worst options when it comes to moving supplies are the boxes you can rent and the boxes that you can rent yourself. If you're not sure whether cardboard boxes are the most efficient to use for packing, take a look at our article on five of the best types of moving boxes.

21 Easy Moving Tips and Tricks

Whether you're moving across the world or just across the world, there's no better time than in your move to move to a big city. With various types of moving companies available in various cities, you'll find a wealth of moving boxes and supplies. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get notified when there are new listings in your area.

In addition to a well-placed moving announcement, hosting the moving process on can also be a cinch for those who are tired of living in a big city. While moving from the city to a new place is certainly a big transition, settling in a new area is also a huge (and confusing) experience. Not to mention, you'll need to prepare for your actual first move by figuring out where you'll park, what size car you'll need and what kind of stuff you'll want to bring with you. Thankfully,'s extensive network of reputable and reliable movers makes it easy to find and book the best moving company for the job. By choosing a mover, you can rest assured that your move to a new city will be in good hands.

In case you need an moving day treat, we've got you covered. Here are your dos and don'ts of a sturdy cardboard box. Good luck and happy moving!

Before the move

First and foremost, make sure you have your moving essentials bag or travel bag ready-and-durable right when you arrive. This way, you'll know exactly where to park without any trouble.

Boxes this stuff is real fragile. It will most likely break during the moving process as your household goods are either thrown out of the house or leave your storage unit with a crack. If you're moving before a professional moving company can assess and price your move so that it's as efficient as possible, consider purchasing bubble wrap and not a simple vacuum. If you're moving after the company has hired has closed then consider purchasing bubble wrap and a friend.

City Data Comparison

City Portland, ME Boca Raton, FL


206023 98150
Age Median


36 47.3


49.6 48.3


50.4 51.7
Family Size


2.93 3
Household Income


51430 76218
Home Ownership %


44 70.6
Home Value


261044 401282
Rent Median


1498 1647
College Educated %


47.6 53.1
Unemployment Rate %


4.8 5.3
Married %


36 49
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Colleges In Boca Raton

Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

Founded in 1961

Lynn University

Founded in 1962

Everglades University

Founded in 1999

Child Care In Boca Raton

Florence Fuller Child Development

Phone: (561) 482-3006

10130 185th St S, Boca Raton, FL 33498, USA

Welcome To Boca Raton

Moving from Portland, Maine to Boca Raton, Florida

Zip Codes served in Portland

  • 04101
  • 04102
  • 04103
  • 04108
  • 04019
  • 04109
  • 04104
  • 04112
  • 04116
  • 04122
  • 04123
  • 04124

Zip Codes served in Boca Raton

  • 33496
  • 33487
  • 33486
  • 33432
  • 33433
  • 33431
  • 33434
  • 33427
  • 33429
  • 33481
  • 33499