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Moving from Elizabethtown, Kentucky to Flint, Michigan

Common Questions about moving from Elizabethtown to Flint

What's the cost of living difference between Elizabethtown and Flint?

The Cost of Living Index in Elizabethtown is 6.4, and in Flint it's 6.0. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Elizabethtown, you'll now have to pay roughly $94.87 for the same groceries after you move to Flint.

How far is it between Elizabethtown, Kentucky and Flint, Kentucky?

If you're moving from Elizabethtown, KY to Flint, MI, it's roughly 385 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Elizabethtown and Flint?

The Internet Access Index is 55/100 in Elizabethtown and 62/100 in Flint. So expect your internet to be a little faster and more stable.

Which has a higher population, Elizabethtown or Flint?

Flint is around 258,000 people larger than Elizabethtown. Elizabethtown has a population of roughly 77,000, while Flint has roughly 335,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Flint?

Flint has an Outdoors Index of 54/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 40/100.

Is Flint more tolerant than Elizabethtown?

Flint has Tolerance Index of 37/100, and Elizabethtown scores 58. This means Elizabethtown is a little more tolerant than Flint (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Flint and Elizabethtown?

Flint has a Healthcare Index of 83/100, and Elizabethtown scores 86. This means Elizabethtown has a better overall healthcare system than Flint

What's got more culture, Flint or Elizabethtown?

Flint has a Leisure & Culture Index of 75/100, and Elizabethtown scores 57. This means Flint has more to do culturally than Elizabethtown

Which city is better to live in - Flint or Elizabethtown?

Flint has an overall City Quality Score of 52/100, and Elizabethtown scores 49. This means Flint Michigan is rated overall as a better place to live than Elizabethtown Kentucky

How to Sell Blended Plastic Surfaces on a Budget

First impressions hurt. Sell those pre-owned items. Those shelves might only be a couple of inches tall. Buyers need those space now, in order to make a long-term return on their investment.

Sell those items

Of course, you can always sell your plastic bins. Buyers willing to take the time it to consolidate household belongings will find what you're looking for.

Rather Figure That Out on your Home Move

After your first few months, changing out showrooms and purchasing a larger home may be the wrong choice for you. Consider what home, local market trends, and typical moving patterns would look like 15 to 30 years from now. Seek your parents' advice for what to do with all of that decor, meal storage, and savings on other items. If you have to move, your parents may be open to considering the situation you've already explained.

Think About What's Important

What will you do with the belongings you no longer need? Plan a salvage drive to ensure all of your outdated appliances and broken products are returned to the owners. If your move involves drive-up and-out to the property, you may want to consider bringing a car with you as well. With elevators and multiple car carriers, you'll want to make sure your property is inspected and repaired before moving. Read your contract carefully to figure out if you'll be responsible for these repairs once the home is resale-proof. Some homeowners plans on staging the house before selling, so make sure the property is well-lit and safe before moving.

How to Pack For a Move

Not sure how to pack for a move? Whether you're looking to make it through a gig or you're simply not ready to give up quite yet, we've got you covered. Here are tips for making the packing process as easy as possible for both you and your move across the country. Good luck!

Determine the perfect moving date

Start your move off on the right foot by deciding whether you're going to embark on an interstate move. If you're planning on moving furniture and household items, then you'll need to reserve a moving truck/ truck rental from If you're planning on moving boxes and belongings, then your Realtor should be able to provide you with information about these services. However, if you can't find a reliable moving company and the situation is such that you need to delay your move until the move is finished (i.e. you haven't yet shipped all of your belongings), then you'll need to look at a number of options. If you can't find a reliable moving company and the situation is not favorable, you'll need to start looking for a new mover.

Prepare your dcor

Now that you know how to move your refrigerator, freezer and other appliances, it's time to discuss your alternative options. Whether you're moving across the country or just to the other side of the country, there's always a myriad of options to be found in the marketplace. Before you decide which options to begin with, take a look through our list of 17 alternative options below.

How to Help Kids Adapt to a New School

Moving, like all other major transitions, can be tough on kids. This is especially true if the move requires a change in schools. Kids find comfort in familiarity and routine, so new neighbors, a new bedroom, and a new school can all cause stress and anxiety. As a parent, it's your job to help ease the transition, and fortunately, there are things we can do to speed up the process and help kids adapt to a new school more quickly. Whether you're about to move or are trying to avoid it altogether, having to help kids transition to a new school is a great way to ease the way they feel about their new neighborhood, their school of choice, and their new school's future. Ready to make time to help kids integrate into the school system? For a list of schools with this move, check out's extensive network of reputable and reliable movers. All relocation companies in our network are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands.

New places to live

If you're looking for new adventures to enjoy, you'll find it in the new places that kids are moving to. Kids tend to enjoy free, safe environments, and moving to new school gives them the freedom to explore that part of their new city with a new purpose. For their part, they'll likely find more school activity, activities and activities that are exciting for them as they take in their new surroundings. Places to listen to music, visit their neighborhood and get involved in the community can also get them through the first few months in school. AreaVibes also gives high school scores in a certain area, so that they'll be more likely to test well on local classmates.

A place that stays

Moving to a new school gives kids a new appreciation for the world. There's nothing like a chance to meet new people with arms long and back, arms that expand when you're in touch with activities within your new neighborhood. You'll also find some great activities for your future clubs, churches and schools. Activities usually include joining your kids in something fun, playing music and reading, visiting the house of a friend, attending play parties and having cookies delivered to your door.

13 Ways to Beat Unpacking Procrastination

There comes a time in many's lives when it comes to packing and unpacking a new home or a new kitchen that procrastination just won't cut it. And although procrastination certainly puts a damper on your home's worth, there are things about moving that make you want to be totally 100% done before you buy that you can all take from there.

So, let's face it: I've moved. Sometimes I'm the brash one. Other times, I go for the easy route. Here are 13 ways you can beat procrastination and beat the wallowing in procrastination while also building strong relationships after move-making it just a new beginning in your home. Good tips!

Start early

Think about your goal moving goal as a full year from now. Do younel away the responsibility of protection for yourself while also moving to a new place? It's time to chime in. "It's a new year, get settled in the new year, move yourself," you need to be told. And just as you would do before a move, compare what you need to be done with what you already have. Compare your decisions to yours and then figure out what you can do-paying attention to what you're doing and not. The walloping that comes with living by your parents' rules is a recipe for unhappiness.

Get stuffs you can actually afford

There's no rule that says moving pays off, no matter what you do

But it's pretty common to come across a myriad of costs, especially when you're moving far away from home. And don't take that as saying that you should save all of your money for a down payment. Your savings just doesn't cover all of those costs.

Help your friend move

A new friend of yours needs just a week or so to get their new place to the point where they won't be challenged, which is a biggie to have. If you have the time in your day to look through all of your stuff for anything challenges, you should be able to take care of it.

How To Do a Florida DMV Change of Address

If you're planning on moving to, from, or within the state of Florida then you're going to want to make sure that you know exactly what's expected of you in terms of DMV change of address paperwork. Like all states, you'll be required to get your Florida DMV Change of Address forms in order before you can truly settle in as a resident-including your address on your driver's license and your vehicle's registration, if applicable.

It helps to do a little research before you sign off on a change of address form so that you know that there's no mistake about it, and there's no rule that says that your address is not to be changed if you haven't used it in over a year (nor that you should use over-the-counter pain medications or medications that impair your coordination).so before you make a purchase, look at the forms for your specific car or business and compare the documents to the one for your address. You should be able to find the exact same documents at your previous address.

You should also know that, to be eligible for tax deductions, you'll have to return your documents to the Florida DMV in order for to take effect in the new year. So make sure that you can check your return when you get your form so that you know what to do if you're told you don't meet your criteria.

With that in mind, here's what else you need to know before you voice your intent to move to Florida:

What does Florida require for changing my address?

Under Florida law, your change of address is only valid for a specified time period. If you do not receive notice, return your forms as soon as you can.

If you are moving within the state and moving within the state of Florida, you will need to update your address as soon as possible. While you may be able to easily update your post-move registration with a Florida PO Box, you should consider this to be a bit inconvenient. While you can do so, you should think twice before changing your mind and think twice before registering to vote.

City Data Comparison

City Elizabethtown, KY Flint, MI


77317 335354
Age Median


36.3 35


48.8 48


51.2 52
Family Size


3.05 3.13
Household Income


45936 26330
Home Ownership %


46.7 57.4
Home Value


168297 29814
Rent Median


932 562
College Educated %


28.8 11.9
Unemployment Rate %


5.2 22.2
Married %


45 26.2
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Colleges In Flint

Baker College

Founded in 1911

University of Michigan-Flint (UM–Flint)

Founded in 1956

Kettering University

Founded in 1919

Child Care In Flint

Sand Castles Child Development Center

Phone: (810) 233-3644

3129 Clio Rd #7184, Flint, MI 48504, USA

Welcome To Flint

Moving from Elizabethtown, Kentucky to Flint, Michigan

Zip Codes served in Elizabethtown

  • 42701
  • 42702

Zip Codes served in Flint

  • 48553
  • 48551
  • 48504
  • 48505
  • 48506
  • 48507
  • 48502
  • 48503
  • 48550
  • 48552
  • 48556
  • 48557