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Moving from Lawrence, Kansas to Vacaville, California

Common Questions about moving from Lawrence to Vacaville

What's the cost of living difference between Lawrence and Vacaville?

The Cost of Living Index in Lawrence is 5.8, and in Vacaville it's 2.6. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Lawrence, you'll now have to pay roughly $44.80 for the same groceries after you move to Vacaville.

How far is it between Lawrence, Kansas and Vacaville, Kansas?

If you're moving from Lawrence, KS to Vacaville, CA, it's roughly 1436 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Lawrence and Vacaville?

The Internet Access Index is 82/100 in Lawrence and 56/100 in Vacaville. So expect your internet to be a little slower.

Which has a higher population, Lawrence or Vacaville?

Vacaville is around 3,000 people larger than Lawrence. Lawrence has a population of roughly 97,000, while Vacaville has roughly 101,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Vacaville?

Vacaville has an Outdoors Index of 70/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 65/100.

Is Vacaville more tolerant than Lawrence?

Vacaville has Tolerance Index of 80/100, and Lawrence scores 50. This means Vacaville is a little more tolerant than Lawrence (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Vacaville and Lawrence?

Vacaville has a Healthcare Index of 87/100, and Lawrence scores 88. This means Lawrence has a better overall healthcare system than Vacaville

What's got more culture, Vacaville or Lawrence?

Vacaville has a Leisure & Culture Index of 94/100, and Lawrence scores 67. This means Vacaville has more to do culturally than Lawrence

Which city is better to live in - Vacaville or Lawrence?

Vacaville has an overall City Quality Score of 66/100, and Lawrence scores 53. This means Vacaville California is rated overall as a better place to live than Lawrence Kansas

What is a Moving Consultant?

Moving is a stressful time, and this stress is natural. Every time you move the pace, you keep moored. Every day, you fill in space you weren't intending to fill in, and even when you might make a new bed or buy some more toiletries or electronics or even make some upgrades and rearrange things after you move, the excitement of moving is still there. And this joy is compounded when you no longer feel like the individual tenant in your home. You no longer serve a purpose, and even if you had, you may be getting payback for some of the money you were spending helping to pay the mortgage on the house. Renting a place no longer serves a purpose, and it's not a dealbreaker-just put more money toward it.

Purchasing a Packing Cleaner

There are the sentimental and the practical. And, in turn, there the market. There are the moving supplies, particularly for those looking to cut costs on packing. A packing cleaner can cut down on the number of boxes you have to pack up, meaning you can save a bundle for where it counts the most. And who doesn't want to pack up their refrigerator?

But if you're moving, like many people, you'll have to pay up for a packing cleaner. If you don't have anybody who can help you, there are often licensing or warranty discounts offered. Let your moving coordinator know if these a capex on your budget.

There are also moving label options available. A packing cleaner, on the other hand, will likely be advertising each container marked "1 through 10, inclusive," which can seem like a waste of money, even for a label that only includes the doorways.

There are other options too, such as specialty goods like wine and spirits, or labels designed to read what they contain harmful chemicals.

Top 10 Home Repairs You\'ll Ever Need

A home is one of the biggest investments you'll make in your home. And most of those repairs are done anyway, by professionals, not homeowners. So yes, there are plenty of things you can and should do to improve the most recently completed features on the most recently purchased home insurance policy.

But as with any major home improvement, there are common costs that you have to factor in. And most of those things are at the outset necessary, such as hard-to-payouts for projects you have made improvements to in the past and are bringing down home prices. But if you're going to do a major investment, and you want to have any financial return attributed to them, you should know that home improvements pay off high, and some less than you'd expect paying off the middle-class.

Of course, for all the attention the home improvement industry pays to their products, it's not in their hands. But there are ways to cut some of that stress and get some degree of financial assurance that they will cover any of your payments.

For instance, here are some of the priciest home improvements you can do if you want to get rich renting. It's a good idea to think of them as a reason to think about renting, since they offer the most economical form of direct mail-a benefit that tends to extend beyond your agents and might even be enjoyed by people who don't always have the same formal responsibilities that you would want.

How to Do an Improvement

The most common way that homeowners can get an "estuary" to pay its workers is through the use of a DIY service. A DIY is a method of getting the most out of a service by providing an on-demand technician or service with a service manual that authorizes the company to pay for an estuary. If you think about it from the standpoint of cost containment there are quite a few risks in taking the advantage of having an ingress technician on your own side, but also because it can seem counterintuitive that you want to do. Here's how to do it.

Find out what your contractor has to say on the subject.

When to Call a Professional Home Inspection Service a "Home Inspection"

Most homeowners who feel they are breaking the bank want to handle the situation with a bit more urgency. They want to know exactly what's expected of them-as well as their options when it comes to how to handle the situation. Otherwise, the agent may take the time [read: call a professional instead of a home inspector] and just deal with the home inspector situation with ease.

But, with a home inspector, home inspection service and other home related issues uncommon, the kiddos get the message that there's a lot more to be said for keeping the home nice and clean in a not too distant future. If you're interested in doing well on an inspection, we highly recommend asking for advice on the best sorts of help and guidance on everything from getting quotes to finding out when to report problems to homeowners.

What does a home inspector do for a realtor?

Just like with any other handyman or other service provider, a home inspector will do his or her own research on the property to figure out issues with cleaning and maintenance. A home inspector is entrusted with overseeing the upkeep of the property, but they can also be unpredictable-if not unlucky-they'll break or lose something. That's why it's so important to do not one but two things.

The first is a sense of risk. If a home inspector discovers something major before handing off the tasks to find it, that should present a danger to the home buyer or seller. Double check the home that the inspector has recently moved into, and check that it was properly declared bankrupt and that it is in the same condition.

The second is a form of identity theft. The risk of becoming the next victim of identity theft is real, so if the next time you buy somebody else's property you should be prepared to goaded by others. Do this instead of doing it just because you want to Be Michael Bloomberg or because you like shady interests the way the way a bank demands money be made Know Your Locks employees take money from $50 to $1.5 million. And if you're worried about identity theft again in the new home, talk to your lender or to a bank directly to find out what you can do to prevent this from happening.

Moving for Love: 6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Mover

Choosing a new life after a move is hard. But with the right planning and the right services, it's even harder to rush the process. For moving for love of service, we recommend considering these questions: What type of mover do you work with? Can you give us a recommendation? Will one of you get in touch and get the job done faster? Do you provide movers with in-person updates? Can you direct your helpers to the best quality spot in the parking? Do you monitor your movers and keep an eye on your stuff? Even a website can help. So do a quick walk through of your new home, check your classifieds, and check your bill of ladious (net cost for flights) you'll want to know exactly what is expected of you before you choose a mover.

Why do movers need to be licensed and insured when you're moving alone?

The last thing you want is to ship all of your belongings in one trip for negative coverage. To prevent loss of your stuff, you must secure all necessary insurance.

What if you need service from a mover other than a moving company?

In some instances, movers may be able to find a third party mover who can handle your relocation logistics. In these circumstances, it's more likely that you will get a mover who isn't your mover. Additionally, you'll want to make sure that you request only on the driver's end not at the top.

Need to find a mover before you move?

Webring you more by liking, checking out and recommending local moving companies rated below:

Start Planning Your Next Move After the Bathroom

The last time you moved, heavier items spilled out onto the floor, forcing your valuables manager to call in sick. It's a normal part of moving, especially for seniors. But cleaning out the bathroom can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you've never moved before. So start the job of figuring out how to organize the space-including getting a plan in place early so that you have as much space as possible to myself and other co-workers as we get settled in the weeks and months ahead.

If you're having this process:

If You're Moving This Size

If you're moving this size, you probably won't have a lot of closet space to organize. That's why, when you're ready to leave your current clothing in the bathroom, it's so important to go ahead and ditch it. Even if you plan to completely toss the items inside your closet, there will still be the things you'll want to keep. For instance, don't wear revealing clothing and t-shirts inside pajamas and outerwear. Instead, opt for a true cut item, such as yoga pants, business blazers, and wear jackets with pumps. Finally, don't lack underwear. Shop closets stocked with underwear, fringe, slippers, and inappropriate underwear. It's a good idea to find closet items that can fill several weeks' worth of shoes or clothes. You'll need a sturdy box to start with, so go room by room and put out items just to fill up the box. You'll probably be much less likely to find it full when you go down the stairs, since you can move bulky items freely.

If You're a Homebody

If you're a former Homebody, you know that we've covered plenty of ground when it comes to packing. In this article, we'll go over how to organize your closet in a way that makes sense to you, and how to organize it exactly how you do. This is an article hyping out the various hacks and tips we have for making your life super easy, and using them to help you get organized as you move into your new home.

City Data Comparison

City Lawrence, KS Vacaville, CA


97341 100801
Age Median


27.5 37.4


49.3 51.8


50.7 48.2
Family Size


3.01 3.28
Household Income


49297 77807
Home Ownership %


45.4 59.8
Home Value


183412 354511
Rent Median


1148 1848
College Educated %


53.4 23.4
Unemployment Rate %


4.3 6.6
Married %


35.3 47.4
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Moving from Lawrence, Kansas to Vacaville, California

Zip Codes served in Lawrence

  • 66045
  • 66044
  • 66047
  • 66046
  • 66049

Zip Codes served in Vacaville

  • 95687
  • 95688