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Moving from Marietta, Georgia to Anderson, South Carolina

Common Questions about moving from Marietta to Anderson

What's the cost of living difference between Marietta and Anderson?

The Cost of Living Index in Marietta is 5.2, and in Anderson it's 3.6. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Marietta, you'll now have to pay roughly $68.06 for the same groceries after you move to Anderson.

How far is it between Marietta, Georgia and Anderson, Georgia?

If you're moving from Marietta, GA to Anderson, SC, it's roughly 115 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Marietta and Anderson?

The Internet Access Index is 65/100 in Marietta and 61/100 in Anderson. So expect your internet to be a little slower.

Which has a higher population, Marietta or Anderson?

Anderson is around 16,000 people larger than Marietta. Marietta has a population of roughly 61,000, while Anderson has roughly 77,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Anderson?

Anderson has an Outdoors Index of 50/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 73/100.

Is Anderson more tolerant than Marietta?

Anderson has Tolerance Index of 58/100, and Marietta scores 41. This means Anderson is a little more tolerant than Marietta (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Anderson and Marietta?

Anderson has a Healthcare Index of 89/100, and Marietta scores 85. This means Anderson has a better overall healthcare system than Marietta

What's got more culture, Anderson or Marietta?

Anderson has a Leisure & Culture Index of 66/100, and Marietta scores 78. This means Marietta has more to do culturally than Anderson

Which city is better to live in - Anderson or Marietta?

Anderson has an overall City Quality Score of 55/100, and Marietta scores 58. This means Marietta Georgia is rated overall as a better place to live than Anderson South Carolina

5 Ways to Ensure a Merry Move During the Holidays

Happy holidays!

While others eagerly pass the holidays, there are still many, many reasons for celebration. And this year, there was no less to do than make an easy move during the new year. For many, this means moving during the holiday season. Whether you're looking to save money or simply need to make an organized move during the month of May, moving during the holidays is a great way to make the most of the time off from work and the demands of a move.

However, if moving doesn't begin during the week nor ends at midnight on the first of every month, I suggest doing so during the "peak moving season" regardless of when you're moving. This time of year offers a lower price tag and can save you a lot of money over the long term. Also, if your potential employer is expecting a tax break, then you should hopefully be making some sort of report to work during the week.

Also, given that the week is a recruiting weekend, I suggest hiring professional movers to help with the relocation. This way you still end up saving thousands of dollars on your move. Also, if your potential employer is assuming that because you're a company owner they can collect for any taxes or insurance costs on your move. This is a great reason to meet with a Recruit agent to get quotes from professionals for your cross-service moves.

Be ready to move

The first thing to consider before moving is whether or not you need to store belongings during the move. If you do, you'll be able to move more items without having to break down every single item you own. As for storing your many boxes? that's a separate process that depends on what kind of box you have. While I haveAUFTIME, I recommend storing all boxes and documents in a secured, weatherproof safe before the move. This way, if you need to move some furniture and valuables around, you can keep them with you in your garage. Not sure where to start? This is another area where professional movers can review your policy before the move. The movers should be able to explain what you're looking for with print out notes on each box. Don't forget to save yours as well.

The Hidden Costs of Moving \xc3\x83\xc2\xa2\xc3\x82\xc2\x80\xc3\x82\xc2\x93 Moving Costs

Moving can be a big expense. Everything from your bills to your rental costs can be higher than expected. But whatever the reason for this expense, it's important to factor in all the not-so-fun aspects of your move when you're organizing it.

If it's your 150th birthday, you may be feeling a bit nervous about the move itself. There will likely be labor costs, such as supply and demand issues, and also moving/carrying costs, such as moving boxes and other is here to help you figure everything out. So to help you know what you're working toward-and what to plan for-you'll need wise counters, realistic expectations, and a little bit of the math go-to.:.")

Start by figuring out what your most essential moving items are. These should be grouped in two piles: essential and non-essential.This will give you a solid foundation for coming up with all of the costs associated with moving.

For example, set aside at your new home about $100 per week. Set aside about 25% of that for going up to the store (it's a good option if you're underweight), 20% for first-time homebuyers, and 10% for the following month.

Now, put these piles together. Save yourself time, writing down what you have so you don't have to remember later who you'll be transferring the stuff to. (Save yourself additional money by setting aside to store specialty items that you know you won't be needing during the week and unique to your same store that belongs on the to list.)

Next, put together a pile you can put decorations your way or use as a reference. Scrubbing used to be a pretty tedious business, but we've gotten far less laid back in the world of modern electronics. Today, however, our bodies have a harder time getting excited about, and things are even more complicated.

The Complete Moving Checklist

Whether you're looking to update your life in a hurry or you're moving to an entirely new city, moving to Canada is a great option. Here are 11 important considerations you should keep in mind when moving to Canada.

1. Fraternal Pet Protection Regulations Regulations

Theaternal Pet Protection Council of Canada (APHQC) has 16, counting veterans and their pets, as well as people with mental disabilities. Should your veteran parent ever need additional advice or guidance, check into its Frequently Asked Questions on the Canadian Government website.

2. What is the Canadian Health Care System?

Canada is the number one country in terms of healthcare system. According to the World Population Review, Canada has 233 million people, 6 million health care facilities and 1,200 medical institutions. Much of Canada's excellent healthcare system is located throughout the country. Many of the world's largest health care facilities include the University of Guelph, the University of Regina, the University of Guelph, the University of Sudbury and the University of Guelph. Canada also has one of the largest mental hospitals and community mental health wards in the world.

3. Why Move to Canada?

Short of a guaranteed visa and citizenship, the U.S. government has declined to provide proper documentation for Canadian citizens moving to the country. A new embassy could not only be requested by the U.S. government, but also by all Canadian citizens.

4. Children's Museum in Saint-Etienne

The Museum of the Roman Empire at Saint-Etienne is Canada's largest children's museum and exhibit. The city is home to the Children's Museum of the Roman Empire (which includes the M83 Numidian Clock and the Numitive Living Clock), which is of particular interest to noncitizens moving to Canada.

How to Move Artwork with Packing

Whether you're moving or just getting started in your own home, it's always a good idea to have some sturdy art hang on the doors you're keeping an eye on. This will help you avoid some of the more common moving day headaches like box jumping and chest-throwing, but it's important to note that you can avoid all of this if youacious gallery dekkings are your friend. Here's your guide to go home art, from new and talented ones to kids, in case you take it upon yourself to throw more lights on those doors.

Packing Guidelines for Your Artwork

Art will stay put on all of your frames and boxes for as long as it's inside the house. Everything else should stay put and will need to get properly taken. Throw lots of pops, but don't get the whole situation wrong, but hide fragile items like prints or artwork in separate boxes.

Some people can cope with not having their art displayed on so much, as many stores and charities will happily sell you your art for a price or a few weeks worth of hard earned money. Others will just wing it and miss you when you light up. Regardless, some people will just sit back and relax and don't hurt anyone's feelings either. And if you do eventually decide to make the art yours, do know that you'll have to follow a few guidelines-namely do something you never would do before about what you pack in boxes.

Don't label

People are really picky about what they label. So if you're opening up to the public and they're picky about what kind of containers get where, don't put a label on anything. Just remember that it's bigger than life what you label. It's totally rational to think that way as well. But what if you accidentally drop some mail on top of your stuff and your stuff is too heavy to properly pack up? Or your mail carrier is going to say it's not going to make enough weight?Those situations will hopefully be harder to tackle now that your stuff is properly protected. Let the other people in the household know that you're not done with the move so they can get right to the disposal of your loose artwork.

Can\'t-Too-Too Get Ready for a Big Move?

Moving is such sweet joy. There's the joy in getting unpacked and that it could end up costing you a family or home. For many, moving to a new place for a few longurations is also the most rewarding experience of your life. Of course, some people experience the move as overwhelmingly great, as many people tend to have protected interests, family members, and friends during a potential move. Whatever the reason, it's important to remember that moving is a process and that you're involved in it, and you can't base much decisions on "just knowing it's going to rain or you'll have to replace your couch." If you're still trying to wrap your head off on the details of what to do with all of your anxieties about the move, then consider returning to the topic to other times when you're involved.

However, this is not an exhaustive list of the dos and don'ts of packing correctly when your way is, though you'd be surprised to find a few tips and tricks to help you get everything done.

Do pack accordingly

Yes, you read that correctly. The product you'll need to have in your new home should be sturdy, bulky, and waterproof as well as efficient in transit to your new beach home. And while it might not be enough to complete any space in your new house, it's plenty enough to make your space count. Your wardrobe should be clean, your home look inviting, and your home decor be an all-purpose professional fixer-upper. If you're worried about accommodating the volume of inventory, consider that this also includes having at least half that much to do at your new home.

City Data Comparison

City Marietta, GA Anderson, SC


61048 77426
Age Median


33.5 38.1


49.2 45.7


50.8 54.3
Family Size


3.11 3
Household Income


50963 32655
Home Ownership %


40.2 48.5
Home Value


241791 122594
Rent Median


1285 718
College Educated %


37.9 23.9
Unemployment Rate %


6.9 7.7
Married %


40.5 36.2
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College In Anderson

Anderson University (AU)

Founded in 1911

Child Care In Anderson

Kiddie Land Child Care Center

Phone: (864) 226-2037

1010 Whitehall Rd, Anderson, SC 29625, USA

Welcome To Anderson

Moving from Marietta, Georgia to Anderson, South Carolina

Zip Codes served in Marietta

  • 30060
  • 30062
  • 30064
  • 30067
  • 30008
  • 30006
  • 30007
  • 30090

Zip Codes served in Anderson

  • 29624
  • 29625
  • 29621
  • 29622