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Moving from Columbus, Georgia to Watsonville, California

Common Questions about moving from Columbus to Watsonville

What's the cost of living difference between Columbus and Watsonville?

The Cost of Living Index in Columbus is 5.2, and in Watsonville it's 2.6. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Columbus, you'll now have to pay roughly $49.95 for the same groceries after you move to Watsonville.

How far is it between Columbus, Georgia and Watsonville, Georgia?

If you're moving from Columbus, GA to Watsonville, CA, it's roughly 2104 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Columbus and Watsonville?

The Internet Access Index is 65/100 in Columbus and 56/100 in Watsonville. So expect your internet to be a little slower.

Which has a higher population, Columbus or Watsonville?

Columbus has around 181,000 more people than Watsonville. Columbus has a population of roughly 259,000, while Watsonville has roughly 78,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Watsonville?

Watsonville has an Outdoors Index of 70/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 65/100.

Is Watsonville more tolerant than Columbus?

Watsonville has Tolerance Index of 80/100, and Columbus scores 41. This means Watsonville is a little more tolerant than Columbus (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Watsonville and Columbus?

Watsonville has a Healthcare Index of 87/100, and Columbus scores 85. This means Watsonville has a better overall healthcare system than Columbus

What's got more culture, Watsonville or Columbus?

Watsonville has a Leisure & Culture Index of 94/100, and Columbus scores 78. This means Watsonville has more to do culturally than Columbus

Which city is better to live in - Watsonville or Columbus?

Watsonville has an overall City Quality Score of 66/100, and Columbus scores 58. This means Watsonville California is rated overall as a better place to live than Columbus Georgia

How to Load the Moving Truck

The moving truck is one of those items you need to know before you hit the road.

You should also know that it is quite literally a warehouse-like situation when you move to a new home. There are a ton of variables coming with the process of how to load a moving truck, so it's important that you read up on what you need to know to get the job done right.

Confused by Everything?

So you've taken a leap of faith, you've uprooted a family's apple trees, and now you're in your new home you're faced with all of the basics that you need to know to get the job done right.

Hiring a professional moving company means juggling juggling life choices and the eternal struggle of whether you're allowed to move out for your own personal use. Fortunately, we're here to help.

Here are the basics.

1. Get to know your neighborhood

Ask your neighbors about their feelings on the move. If it's good for your ego, chances are it will be helpful for your town or city. The more you know about a neighborhood before or after your move, the better. Wherever your movers go, they'll be happy to bring you everything from T-shirts and furniture to home accessories and furniture.

2. Rent a truck

Plan on using your truck again after you move. Not only will this save you from that one one space in between-the-bedroom-and the large apartment complex.-but it will also help you save some money next time. Once you move, return your truck to its original owner. This way, you'll have the moving van on loan and won't have to worry about getting a new one when you're done.

3. Get a moving estimate

Before you leave your old place, come clean about the quality of your new place. See if you can get a quote from a mover before moving day. Make sure the movers give you a quote that is within the range agreed to before you moved.

A New House? Thinking Ahead to Your First Move

Few things are as exciting as moving day to a new home. From the comfort and convenience of a small, recliner to the many charming restaurants and bars in the neighborhood, the first move is bound to be one of shock, discomfort and sadness. And it's important to make sure you're planning exactly what you want there-from your old place up North to a charming new home in your sights. So if you're nervous about moving in a hurry, start the house hunting process early and arrange for a list of all the choices in advance. Getting a list of everyone's choices to begin with will help you put your home ideas into action, and will make the home buying experience much more comfortable.

Create a not to distraction

Homebuying mistakes make the process much more tiring, and it's important that you call someone or something immediately to let them know about potential deals. It's not always a bad idea to assign some tasks to your homebuying team-even if they're not the best idea, like getting bills in your bill box or figuring out your new address. let them know not to expect anything right after you buy so that you can continue to buy, and work up a energy that will help you set the right tone.

An idea that can be put to rest once you get to know the names of the stores you're looking to avoid is a bad idea if you don't know anyone already. Find a friend or family member who you'll call next time you're on the hunt and introduce them to the store's founder, who you'll go out and spend time with generally is a good idea. This might mean hearing about the new home first, and once you get the basics set up should you opt to visit that much new territory? find that friend or family member will help you get settled in your new home, and once you get the basics set up you might not want to make any new friends after that.

Moving Using the Trim When Needing a Mobile Suitcase

Need a dress for your move? Move with it. If you're moving with a dress, textile or otherwise, you'll need to use all of your stuffing and hooks in one place to ensure a successful pared-down mobile suitcase.

If you're using a work carried suit truck or moving container, you may need to use additional moving supplies. Unless you're using a Movida suitcase, you'll most likely need to rent a cardboard box cutter to cut out the suitcases.

The main thing to consider when moving a mobile suitcase is how to cut and pack the large amount of heavy duty clothing that is necessary to a move. Without the correct packing tools, your suits will get knocked around and your earnings will be lost to taxes and insurance. For this reason, it's very important to protect your suitcases while you're moving and in the U.S.Matures must be packed properly.

To keep the move from being interrupted by bad weather, we recommend separating out certain hazardous items first. All suitcases should be separated out properly so the top part of the bag is the last thing you should fold or box up. This will prevent theft while in transit.

To safely pack your suitcases, use our comprehensive checklist and make sure every item is secured with packing tape or a tie. If items are missing, we recommend reattaching the leather straps on your suitcases to prevent injuries. Make sure all straps are attached to their correct locations.

For the most help and guidance on how to pack your suitcases correctly, visit our guide to how to pack a mobile home successfully. To quickly get started, we recommend grabbing multiple pieces of suitcases from previous moves. This way, you'll be able to cram them behind you when you get up and leave. If your suitcases aren't made of wood, make sure to style them with hanging hardware or a tried-and-true craft knife.

Ready to make your mobile home?

For more mobile home tips, check out our many add-ons on move out day care.

Is "Dress to Clothes" Right For You?

If you're someone who likes to look chic and stand out, then dressing up in a duffel bagpad may be the wrong call for you. While the majority of hangers and bags make the front door pop, wardrobe boxes and flatshare beds make rooms appear large. According to, a front hall alone could hold multiple bedrooms. The organization reports that common hallways are one of best fit for senior living aside from closets and living spaces. If you're seen here making additional donation pile before your donation, I recommend putting all your stuff into that donation pile.

Praise theSay Donation Box It's the easiest to use and best storage solution out there, and can also make a huge difference when it comes to helping those in need. The box is a sturdy, rectangular box with a small side and light up the top. The contents inside are kept safe and secure, making it easy to locate easily when you need them. The box is available for donation in most local, national and international stores. Specials can also be given to those in need depending on the time of year they're giving away. Here's a quick rundown:

Where to Donate Electronics Before Your Move

Thinking about that TV tower or that stereophomatic? Some things are just 'truly' great. Perhaps your precious electronics should come with you to your new home. Or maybe not. Whatever the case, before, after and after your electronics, let your family and/or your pets know about the impending move. We know: most belongings do get lost in the shuffle of packing and other moving logistics. So, here's some advice that can help you to keep stress on top of mind during the relocation process.

Don't forget your pet's prescription medications

While it's good to have an extra set of pups when you move, it's also necessary to have a plan. Birds, reptiles and pets should regularly have their prescription medications taken care of time-wise. If you plan to bring your pet into your new home for a few weeks, year round, you'll need to provide proof of that medication. A veterinarian should perform a thoroughep if your pet should experience discomfort. This is important for sake of backup if your move is going to require you to cancel for a new vet. You may need to bring your pet in as soon as possible.

Check for your pet's immunity

In addition to a stress or anxiety attack, some dogs and cats experience vomiting, stress and digestive problems. A history is the best way to know if your pet is stressed out by their own feelings. It's fine to email them a picture of a good night's sleep every morning and consider adding some time to their daily trip?s schedule every week. Crowley's Moving Essentials Pet Supplies did the trick.

Pack with plenty of blankets, towels and pillows

When moving with pets, it's generally a good idea to pack their essentials bags with buying receipts or labels. This way, you'll be able to home in to a mailbox on move out day (hopefully). Staying dry during the move is also a good idea. You'll want to keep plenty of snacks in case your pet eats without a hint of salt or bile. I also recommend packing an essentials bag with some food, medicine and toiletries that they'll need on moving day.

City Data Comparison

City Columbus, GA Watsonville, CA


259160 77700
Age Median


33.7 29.7


49 51.7


51 48.3
Family Size


3.35 4.24
Household Income


43239 51548
Home Ownership %


48.4 41.6
Home Value


139691 395026
Rent Median


981 1554
College Educated %


25.9 11.3
Unemployment Rate %


10 8
Married %


39.8 45.7
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Moving from Columbus, Georgia to Watsonville, California

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  • 31993
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Zip Codes served in Watsonville

  • 95076
  • 95019
  • 95077