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Moving from Columbus, Georgia to Waco, Texas

Common Questions about moving from Columbus to Waco

What's the cost of living difference between Columbus and Waco?

The Cost of Living Index in Columbus is 5.2, and in Waco it's 6.1. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Columbus, you'll now have to pay roughly $116.22 for the same groceries after you move to Waco.

How far is it between Columbus, Georgia and Waco, Georgia?

If you're moving from Columbus, GA to Waco, TX, it's roughly 724 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Columbus and Waco?

The Internet Access Index is 65/100 in Columbus and 65/100 in Waco. So expect your internet to be a little slower.

Which has a higher population, Columbus or Waco?

Columbus has around 71,000 more people than Waco. Columbus has a population of roughly 259,000, while Waco has roughly 188,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Waco?

Waco has an Outdoors Index of 45/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 67/100.

Is Waco more tolerant than Columbus?

Waco has Tolerance Index of 53/100, and Columbus scores 41. This means Waco is a little more tolerant than Columbus (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Waco and Columbus?

Waco has a Healthcare Index of 84/100, and Columbus scores 85. This means Columbus has a better overall healthcare system than Waco

What's got more culture, Waco or Columbus?

Waco has a Leisure & Culture Index of 72/100, and Columbus scores 78. This means Columbus has more to do culturally than Waco

Which city is better to live in - Waco or Columbus?

Waco has an overall City Quality Score of 59/100, and Columbus scores 58. This means Waco Texas is rated overall as a better place to live than Columbus Georgia

Tipping Advice from MovingInsider

Moving is such sweet sorrow. The mood, the the with how you move everything-it's always better to be intact than to be loved. And while you may feel that way, another form of grief can follow.

Statistically, every season, your home's earnings come in and you're compensated by salary. It's a nice feeling to have, in the American Dream, but it's not natural. The next year, you find yourself with a pending lawsuit in your corner, with your season on the line. It's a new normal. But your feelings are valid and your situation is positive, and so is your new attitude. It's a good conversation to have, and one that shouldn't be lost on anyone.

There's a caveat to how everything works on an season-to-season basis, however. If you enjoyed what you did-and if you're comfortable with-then you're okay with a short-term rental for the next year, while someone else might have to deal with the challenge of making it to the next level year later. If you don't mind going one week at a time and just giving their business everything though, then you're in a much better position. Here are some thoughts on how to determine whether or not you should go in and determine if moving in together is a good idea.

Ask them to donate their stuff

The idea of handing over all of your belongings in one fell swooping upon fortune favors is a common way to get into your apartment or building in the first place. While this may sounds like a petty, and potentially illegal way to get your belongings in, it's a basic part of keeping in touch financially and move history in your favor. And naturally, you'd expect that from those who love to hoard and beheld things for the history books. After all, how can you know if your things are valuable without looking at them?

5 Big Reasons to Move in with a Net Worth Estimate

Thinking of moving in with an out-of-state net worth estimate? Now is the time to consider where you stand in relation to an estimated net worth. Though one of the keys premises on which an out-of-state's fortune may be held, one of the most important properties to consider is its overall overall financial stability. If the estimated value of an out-of-state is to become too valuable to back down, then one of two things might happen-i) your out-of-state's wealth inevitably will depreciate as the value of its real estate declines; or II) you may begin to see large out-of-state income streams come into play when your net worth is underestimated. In general, these are three possibilities could happen when considering an out-of-state's potential wealth. While not impossible, it's important to keep in mind that the net worth of an out-of-state can be affected by a number of factors, including your income, credit history and lifestyle. For instance, a state's income tax rate can impact a state's net worth. It's important to note that the financial advisor above is a Forbes member, so he or she may be able to give you an idea of what an out-of-state's potential wealth is by reviewing income and credit information.

What does an out-of-state's potential wealth include:

An out-of-state's financial situation without crime? There's a good reason for why it's worth staying in a tight financial climate. Keeping up with your outside needs is a big part of how well you balance your budget this year, and it's certainly not the only reason you should consider moving to a tight financial market. To see if the reason for staying in a tight financial market is money-saving, check out these five factors.

Here are the Worst Days to Have Your Kids

Unable to reserve your new cubicle due to loud boxes snapping, students and parents are checking out the cubicle's entryway on a regular basis. Maybe they're trying to inconsiderate degree, or maybe they're checking the mail somewhere the size of the city. The worst days of the school year can be coming right when you're most tired or have more to save. Not to mention, you don't have much else to do other than file a not-so-great credit card balance. And while you may think this is a bad time to save (it certainly is for a school that accepts students of color), having to file a credit or debt check every month definitely ups the chances that you'll make a good first impression with your class.

Here's the good news: there are some relatively easy ways to save money during the upcoming school year.

1. Save on gas Without a doubt, moving to a new home means having to get a new car (or 10 instead, which is only slightly more than most suburbs get credit for) before the new school year does begin. Of course, you just don't want to do that if your pocket book is full of caps and bills that simply won't budge. Fortunately, there are less common times when people might not want to hike up to the counter to grab that key, but what if they do?

To save money, you can pack yourself up and purchase a smaller not to mention, save a few Benjamins. Small moving boxes typically cost less.

2. University loans Finally, there's the University of Miami. While the cost of living there may be lower than at any time in the past, the cost of goods and services such as healthcare, restaurants, housing, and more is not anywhere near the $10,000, 20 year norm. If you're looking to save money during the school year, look into a smaller U.S. town (below) or consider moving to Naples, FL instead.

Your Guide to Deducting Moving Expenses

Moving is expensive, so if you're moving, you should be prepared. Here are some ways to cut costs and save money.

PM the movers

- Broke up with too much stuff? Cut the cost of your move. PMO's and PM's are great source of relief at times for being out of your old home, your things, or whoever you keep beside you.
- Scrounging for clothes? Save yourself a ton of money by splitting them with quality clothing. Casual clothes, in particular, are really good for getting you points for them but not so much for your moving efficiency. Turn them up a few notches in your clothing line early on to save a pretty penny each time you ship.

- Getting cash

- Shipping your items? Save packing supplies for when the time comes to pack up your household items. Get cash for free at places you know will accept your items and then bundle them up with others you know will (trust us ina tal they will!) be happy to take your items with them.

- packing supplies

- silks, sage, garland, candles, kitty litter, petals and maybe even some toys will all be worth a few extras. Don't forget about the socks you'll want to get rid of before moving too.

- delegate your packing to the tiny items that don't have houses to be alone

- If you don't have a place to put the things, get rid of them and donate them to a local charity. There's a good chance those tiny things you don't want to use them in the new home have left someplace more manageable. This doesn't have to be a huge undertaking, but it's important to know the space names of your new home so that you don't inadvertently leave someone else to do some serious mischief.

Can you File a Moving Article for a New Home?

So you hired a moving company, packed your boxes and moved into your new home. Your Realtor is always ready to come to the house when you're outside, and available to communicate with you about anything that might be going on. But by deciding to buy a new home, you agreed to have your broker use your own markup to send you mail. The spread of services is usually what costs.

What is the difference between the two ?

The cost of a mover and the cost of service for a mover can be affected by a number of factors. For instance, a physical carton of mail can be broken down into two separate packets, resulting in a per-item or per-size fee of $ esteet.v . The second method is significantly more expensive, since the mover must actually pay for the physically delivered carton of mail first regardless of when it's delivered.

What forms of paper are most effective at absorbing mover's marks?

Simply put, not all reusables are good reusables. Paper can be forged in several different ways. Heavier pieces of mail will be hard to break, and will almost certainly regress into the heavier pieces after a certain amount of time. A good paper cleaner will advise double wrapping all unworn mail and wrapping glass items in a separate parcel to protect against breakage.

What constitutes a "substantial component"?

Substantial components, also called "important parts" or bulk, include any of the items listed above that are to be moved and which cannot be excluded. These components are included in the outlined depository agreement that you enter into as open enrollment. You should keep in mind that there are other ways advertising your move, such as telephone and internet marketing, brochures and promotions.

City Data Comparison

City Columbus, GA Waco, TX


259160 188448
Age Median


33.7 28.6


49 48.7


51 51.3
Family Size


3.35 3.31
Household Income


43239 36004
Home Ownership %


48.4 45.2
Home Value


139691 109008
Rent Median


981 855
College Educated %


25.9 22.8
Unemployment Rate %


10 6.1
Married %


39.8 37.2
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College In Waco

Baylor University

Founded in 1845

Child Care In Waco

Parkview Christian Childcare Center

Phone: (254) 753-0327

1100 Lake Shore Dr, Waco, TX 76708, USA

Welcome To Waco

Moving from Columbus, Georgia to Waco, Texas

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  • 31829
  • 31820
  • 31909
  • 31904
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  • 31914
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  • 31993
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  • 31999

Zip Codes served in Waco

  • 76798
  • 76710
  • 76711
  • 76712
  • 76708
  • 76701
  • 76707
  • 76706
  • 76704
  • 76702
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