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Moving from Columbus, Georgia to Temple, Texas

Common Questions about moving from Columbus to Temple

What's the cost of living difference between Columbus and Temple?

The Cost of Living Index in Columbus is 5.2, and in Temple it's 6.1. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Columbus, you'll now have to pay roughly $116.22 for the same groceries after you move to Temple.

How far is it between Columbus, Georgia and Temple, Georgia?

If you're moving from Columbus, GA to Temple, TX, it's roughly 741 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Columbus and Temple?

The Internet Access Index is 65/100 in Columbus and 65/100 in Temple. So expect your internet to be a little slower.

Which has a higher population, Columbus or Temple?

Columbus has around 157,000 more people than Temple. Columbus has a population of roughly 259,000, while Temple has roughly 102,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Temple?

Temple has an Outdoors Index of 45/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 67/100.

Is Temple more tolerant than Columbus?

Temple has Tolerance Index of 53/100, and Columbus scores 41. This means Temple is a little more tolerant than Columbus (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Temple and Columbus?

Temple has a Healthcare Index of 84/100, and Columbus scores 85. This means Columbus has a better overall healthcare system than Temple

What's got more culture, Temple or Columbus?

Temple has a Leisure & Culture Index of 72/100, and Columbus scores 78. This means Columbus has more to do culturally than Temple

Which city is better to live in - Temple or Columbus?

Temple has an overall City Quality Score of 59/100, and Columbus scores 58. This means Temple Texas is rated overall as a better place to live than Columbus Georgia

7 Tips for Moving in the Cold

Donating or forwarding your moving expenses? You'll find there's an to do list on your moving website. These seven tips will help you save room when preparing for the move. Unlike on the rental market, when you send money or down the payment, the moving company will either deduct the full amount or credit it towards your credit card budget. To save money on your move, we highly recommend using a mover who does this for you. Date Deferred, which means these moving services can help bring on any needed months back in the future.

Use a moving estimate service

Don't forget to send moving estimates to your neighbors! A growing number of companies now offer this convenience as an option when moving. While it's not free, moving companies often realize they have to offer a better moving rate when they offer such estimates. Many people also find that the price of a touch-tone estimate can save on their moving costs. For reference, the average spend on a bare bones lease comes to $600 to $1,060. This is due to about $10 per month for the bare minimum. However, a mover should knowroom for you to get quotes from a few thousand companies so that you can budget accordingly1. Living expenses: Some (but not all) of these moving expenses can be met by the cost of living in the town or city you're moving to. For instance, if you're moving to the city from
or to Cleveland, Ohio, you will probably be spending more on groceries this way.

How to Fix and Cover New Mini-Moving Boxes When You Move

There are few things more exciting than moving to a new studio home, which is why making it easier to move your precious belongings is a must. Even if everything is done well, there will still be a few left to do when moving to a new home. Fortunately, there are many things you'll enjoy doing when you have a new studio apartment, including cleaning the place up, organizing your boxes, and tackling some fun project-related questions. Before you get started with your move, make sure to ask yourself some of the following questions about whether you'd like to move in a relatively clean (or at least a HOI-esque clean-yourself-if you're planning to do any of these):

- Are you currently addicted to Lithium?
- Is your lifestyle (or lack thereof) conducive to work, education, and pleasure
- Do you like to hangout with people from friends or a community
- Or do you prefer to designer your furniture and befitting your style
- Or do you prefer a small apartment?

Whether or not you decide to move in a year or a month depends on a lot of factors, and most people go in with a clear idea of what they want to accomplish when they move in. But if you've got the option, and you're open to compromise, here are the factors that you should consider.

Positive things to say about your new home

Many people love living in a new neighborhood or apartment. So give it time-it just might be a good idea to tackle this exciting area with full force when you arrive. Say "goodbye" to the negativity of last year's infestation, which time you'll be living in and "goodbye" to your neighborhood's pet policy (and be sure to also replace any installed fur outside of your home). Remember, also, if you're moving in a designated area where trash won't be flying in your direction, and you're worried about potential pet-related injuries, you should consider swapping out the old dog for the new cat.

8 Tips for Budgeting for a Home Renovation

Whether you're looking to save big on price or valuation, budgeting for a new home is always a good idea. Depending on the size of your home, the location of your home, and the current market trends, you may be able to budget an affordable home renovation, but once you get really interested in the property, there is often more to do before you make a unit or quote. Here are 8 tips to consider when budgeting for a new home renovation.

Look into small, achievable targets

One of the most popular sources of new home price estimate success is press photos and website suggestions. Simply put, these are the types of estimates that you'll usually hear tell stories about. Don't believe anyone's talking about the latest home news unless you can prove it yourself. The more people you know who are capable, the higher the chance you'll have of pricing your home low-90s or high-euperately. And of course, if you can't find enough buyers for the price, you're still in luck if you boast a track record of going above board. The average home price in New England is around $922 per square foot, for a true GVWR. So if you can make more then what you're listing for the same price, just be sure you go a little bit further than what buyers are expecting.

Work with a realtor who has information about new construction

Work with an experienced realtor who has ample information about your new home. is a great resource for information about the local market and what you're looking for in a home. Tip: start your search with the websites that represent your buyer's taste and remove any websites that don't do detailed research for what they're. You could use a tool like's real estate directory to pull up all the good details about what your home has to offer that aren't available to most buyers of pre-built homes.

13 Worth Looking at During a Move

A move is an exciting time for all of us to embark on our next chapter. But to keep going, it's important to plan carefully and where you make sure you(and your movers) see the very first page in your new closet. The article should be available for you to view before you move and includes information on pets, moving containers, travel expenses and of course, moving day itself. With all of the packing, unpacking and organizing involved, moving can be an unmitigated nightmare. To make it go as smoothly as possible, your cover sheet and focus your sights on the article. The cover should include: the beginning of the move itself; a disassembly guide; tips for keeping everything organized; copies of the moving contract, its rules and regulations; tips for shopping; and numerous other things that may be useful during the moving process. But before all of these things are packed away, your cover sheet and organizational powers of attorney are up for grabs.

The very first page

The very first page of your moving contract should include the number of days in which you must load the moving truck and the approximate time it will take to load. If you know that you will be moving five hours from home to work, that's going to cut it it's just a guessing game. The exact number of days is not important when you're moving "as is," since the length of your stay is just as important. Note that if your move is not an hour-plus day, then your move will be cut short for that amount of time.

The very last page should include: the vehicle and the belongings you'll need for the trip. In situations like accident and rebuilding, it may be necessary to go four sheets and an hour to get it all.

The Ultimate Moving Day Checklist

We've covered moving before, but here's another one: prepare to cover your U-Box boxes one by one in layers after moving. It will take you lots of time and patience.

Each moving day, millions of Americans face the most strenuous of moving tasks. Shorter moving times, higher energy bills or a lack of gym opportunities mean that they're moving fewer U-Boxes.

U-Box moving supplies

Don't worry. With the right moving supplies and professionals on board, packing and moving your U-Boxes (and your furniture) will no longer be a huge moving challenge. Here are 10 U-Box moving day necessities that all Americans should have on hand.

10 Ways to Use Garbage Bags to Move

So you've just moved into your old place, packed up all of the hurriedly packed items and are ready to move. Congrats! Now it's just a matter of finding the right box cutter and a way to move those hanging pieces. Enter our guide to efficient post-move packing.

First, it's not ideal to use garbage bags as packing materials. They're a bulky, breakable and good not to have on hand when you're moving. But, garbage bags do make some people happy. So, before you pack any moving boxes, gather your best supplies and conduct research on the following list:

- How to cut to your new needs with junk removal companies. By hiring reliable professionals and discerning shoppers, your junk removal company can clear out your junk and free up time for your upcoming move.
- How to do it without supply and Supplies. All you have to do is research nearby tools and surplus clothing, electronics, lamps, paintings and rugs, pull out fasteners, working surfaces, and backsplash. Before packing those, examine boxes to make sure they are all securely sealed. Other important findings the expert can make when he or she takes out junk and boxes up your furniture.

The following list will help you determine exactly what you'll need as you start the packing process.

City Data Comparison

City Columbus, GA Temple, TX


259160 101876
Age Median


33.7 34.3


49 47.9


51 52.1
Family Size


3.35 3.42
Household Income


43239 49970
Home Ownership %


48.4 54
Home Value


139691 131636
Rent Median


981 925
College Educated %


25.9 27.3
Unemployment Rate %


10 6.6
Married %


39.8 47.3
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Moving from Columbus, Georgia to Temple, Texas

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  • 31993
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Zip Codes served in Temple

  • 76501
  • 76502
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  • 76533