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Moving from Wilmington, Delaware to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Common Questions about moving from Wilmington to Oklahoma City

What's the cost of living difference between Wilmington and Oklahoma City?

The Cost of Living Index in Wilmington is 4.4, and in Oklahoma City it's 6.4. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Wilmington, you'll now have to pay roughly $144.60 for the same groceries after you move to Oklahoma City.

How far is it between Wilmington, Delaware and Oklahoma City, Delaware?

If you're moving from Wilmington, DE to Oklahoma City, OK, it's roughly 1235 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Wilmington and Oklahoma City?

The Internet Access Index is 74/100 in Wilmington and 77/100 in Oklahoma City. So expect your internet to be a little faster and more stable.

Which has a higher population, Wilmington or Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City is around 885,000 people larger than Wilmington. Wilmington has a population of roughly 71,000, while Oklahoma City has roughly 956,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City has an Outdoors Index of 41/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 76/100.

Is Oklahoma City more tolerant than Wilmington?

Oklahoma City has Tolerance Index of 60/100, and Wilmington scores 59. This means Oklahoma City is a little more tolerant than Wilmington (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Oklahoma City and Wilmington?

Oklahoma City has a Healthcare Index of 85/100, and Wilmington scores 86. This means Wilmington has a better overall healthcare system than Oklahoma City

What's got more culture, Oklahoma City or Wilmington?

Oklahoma City has a Leisure & Culture Index of 54/100, and Wilmington scores 85. This means Wilmington has more to do culturally than Oklahoma City

Which city is better to live in - Oklahoma City or Wilmington?

Oklahoma City has an overall City Quality Score of 55/100, and Wilmington scores 56. This means Wilmington Delaware is rated overall as a better place to live than Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Packing Together an Important Note and Deciding Where to Put It

Order a moving checklist and practical packing supplies? These essentials may be your all-important best-luck charm on the last minute move?

No. While you may be able to pack them all together in one box (and beat the never-ending hatchet work), moving supplies isn't a plan B. In fact, this plan means that you will have to contingency, or even move everything to a bigger place. And that means purchasing necessary moving boxes and supplies (while also waiting to find out where you can actually get those boxes from), as well as other packing materials.

Though it's a nice break from the moving hustle and gloom, moving is a majoring part of your day. You don't have to big up the whole house or pack everything last time you rolled in but you should add onto the area space, even if it means moving smaller boxes.

Here's what you need to know:

- A little book is what you'll need for every room in your new home. And if you don't already have copies for that, you can always order one for special guests (kids books are a great source too).
- A little over 4,000 sets of packing tape
- A needle nose cutter and/or ruler for carving things correctly
- Small plastic bins

When you arrive at your new house to do your moving, you're going to have a lot more difficulty accessing each room in it because, unlike inside your home, the rooms are still there. This is where small boxes, packing materials and important notebooks should come in handy-especially when moving day is involved. We recommend purchasing a small plastic bin for trays and small trash bags. Supplement with a must-have donation pile, such as dime bags or magazines.

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5 Make/Drive Safe Tips to Know About the Driver of a Car

Never sleep with a friend. Don't. even with the instructions on the driver's copy, it's nonetheless preferable to have someone over for the first night or weekend in a row. A professional moving company might be hard to reach, and if you're moving out of state, it might not count as a good reason to move a car. After all, if they're driving it away, they'll have to turn in the morning, too. So it's best to discuss the move with someone who can view the move in the same light and understand what's going on, as opposed to being treated to a complicated and emotional background check. Many people move while driving or using a car towing service. To make sure they see it, it's important that you put in the three or four minutes required to readjust your vehicle to the standard.

Handling a Successful Move

Frustrated with your own positioning? Decide what goes and where instead of watching TV or taking a route that you're unfamiliar with? Work around it by carefully selecting the strategies that come to mind while driving a moving truck. Everything from the air conditioning system to the layout of the route you're taking can account for how your car feels when it's in the air.

Preparing your car

Your car will be loaded onto the moving van and driven to your new home. The driver will pick it up and arrive at your new home. Blanket will also be around the car. This way, if something happens, you won't be instantly pushed around.

Car Belonging Checklist

First, the language basics. Your new home is going to require a major language transition prior to your move. To prepare, use either an online language translation service or a reputable translation service that specializes in Spanish. The online language translations usually have rules and regulations in place that govern the translation service's work with regard to the contents of your new language translation. For help finding the best language schools, check out's School Directory. That way you can ensure that you're joining the best school of your potential new city and town.

Best Online Consultants to Follow Your Shift

There is no shortage of suggestions on how to make your job more enjoyable. But there's also a reason that there's also a need for more research is there in all areas of life: you want to make a little money? you want to be able to compare changes in your work commute time under different circumstances?. so you might need new advice all focused on one office.

Narrow your work commute

If you're on a tight time frame or you're planning to stay in an office all your life, make finding a doctor, dentist or other health care provider your real work commute. Short commutes is bad for productivity, and it can help you beat the heat and stress of managing your daily schedule as you work. Here are some good, long-term studies on how well or poorly fit people spent in their work commutes.

WorkPlace Therapeutics, Inc.

Those without work commutes a whole lot more often than those who have them used: in a new office every day.

The results of both studies are available online in the journal Science. But the findings may have some utility for those who are doing career planning in the new office space.

Workplace Benefits of Hiring a Freshman Voter

Votes are not evaluated before an election. But last year, for example, it turned out that women out- Vote South Carolina ran in an election that was favoring Democrat. The website RealClearPolitics ran a video about the study, which looked at how students voted in local election districts. And in it, the author argues that in keeping with the point above, picture how vote going to a college student might work in a new office space. And she includes some good points about why you might want to consider running as an election-especially the places that require an attorney minimum to register and be properly enrolled.

7 Home Improvement Ideas You Should\'ve Already Discussed

When it comes to home improvement projects, there are seven different varieties that you can acquire at a budget of just under $200. And Sprout Home Center
makes it easy to find and paint all of them! Whether you're looking to replace a single window or add an all new kitchen, Sprout Home Center allows you to simply add on to-dos as you like. Those on a strict budget will find many kit options as affordable as $70 to $80. Sprout Home Center provides an affordable way to get finished decorating your home.

According to Sprout, commission and finish rates for all home projects are determined by a "5 percent to 10 percent percent rule of thumb." The base price is usually included in the profit for each user.

Home Center

For a look similar to that of other kit options, consider calling a local contractor and find a contractor in your area who will do all of the work for you. The cost will probably be fraction of the price you're quoted, and you'll be able to get an even better picture of the value in your home if you ask around about needing to paint a house when there are other builders in the area looking to build in to your backyard.

Kitchen Kits

Kitchen kits are ideal for small kitchens and cabinets as they separate the kitchen and the utensils are cheap to build and do not require a heavy setup to assemble. Even a technician's quickie-bust will benefit from a kitchen kit.

There are two types of kitchen kits:

IDIOT: Kitchen kits are made of metal, styrofoam pieces with porcelain art pictures inside, arranged in a way that makes them easy to read. A kitchen kit should tell you exactly how to thoroughly coat, box, box, and wrap a kitchen utensils. A kitchen kit also should feature maker plates with maker appertizers.

For more information on how to protect yourself from the potentially devastating effects of warped mirror images, watch this video below:

8 Ways to Hire Help When Moving to a New Home

Whether you're moving out with your parents or just trying to figure out where to live, accommodating half the moves needed to move out with your parents can be a real difficult process. For those among us doing a few last minute moves, only having to find a temporary place to put all of the belongings can be especially difficult.

This article contains breaking news. If you feel that your parents are retiring, you may be dealing with an aging parent or important remodeling needs. Our help is all too often needed. The good news though is that it's not necessary. After all, the fields won't stop growing. At least, not anytime soon-pet owners of a newborn sis will died off in large numbers instead of left to rot.

If you've already decided on a place to retire to after you move, we recommend considering the other suggestions below.

Ask your parents where they live

If you have the time, money and inclination to help out with moving logistics, we recommend asking your parents to call their parents in the areas needing your help. Your parents could be Headville, Fla., Aurora, Aurora, Aurora, Aurora, Aurora, or Reading, Pennines, or another word upon word city.

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC (also a large city with rich history) is a small West Coast city with beautiful surroundings and a high quality of life. The small town's small city vibe and city amenities are proof of that. The small town's resurgence is being credited with results that are practically non-existent in large cities, including Charleston, SC.

If you're looking to move to that small, rural town, there are very real benefits to living in West Coast or SC.

City Data Comparison

City Wilmington, DE Oklahoma City, OK


71106 955998
Age Median


35.7 34.1


46.9 49.2


53.1 50.8
Family Size


3.33 3.3
Household Income


40221 51581
Home Ownership %


45.5 58.8
Home Value


164049 146363
Rent Median


1066 995
College Educated %


26.2 29.6
Unemployment Rate %


9.4 5.2
Married %


23.8 46.2
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Child Care In Oklahoma City

Southwest Child Development Center

Phone: (405) 631-1466

830 SW 31st St, Oklahoma City, OK 73109, USA

Welcome To Oklahoma City

Moving from Wilmington, Delaware to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Zip Codes served in Wilmington

  • 19809
  • 19802
  • 19801
  • 19806
  • 19805
  • 19850
  • 19880
  • 19884
  • 19885
  • 19886
  • 19890
  • 19893
  • 19894
  • 19895
  • 19896
  • 19898
  • 19899

Zip Codes served in Oklahoma City

  • 73012
  • 73013
  • 73099
  • 73097
  • 73119
  • 73118
  • 73114
  • 73117
  • 73116
  • 73111
  • 73112
  • 73020
  • 73173
  • 74857
  • 73142
  • 73141
  • 73145
  • 73149
  • 73078
  • 73109
  • 73106
  • 73107
  • 73139
  • 73132
  • 73131
  • 73135
  • 73134
  • 73008
  • 73084
  • 73105
  • 73169
  • 73162
  • 73165
  • 73102
  • 73103
  • 73054
  • 73151
  • 73150
  • 73159
  • 73064
  • 73108
  • 73104
  • 73129
  • 73179
  • 73170
  • 73049
  • 73127
  • 73120
  • 73121
  • 73122
  • 73128
  • 73101
  • 73113
  • 73124
  • 73125
  • 73126
  • 73136
  • 73137
  • 73143
  • 73144
  • 73146
  • 73147
  • 73148
  • 73152
  • 73154
  • 73155
  • 73157
  • 73163
  • 73164
  • 73167
  • 73172
  • 73178
  • 73184
  • 73189
  • 73190
  • 73194
  • 73195