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Moving from Fairbanks, Alaska to Carson City, Nevada

Common Questions about moving from Fairbanks to Carson City

What's the cost of living difference between Fairbanks and Carson City?

The Cost of Living Index in Fairbanks is 3.1, and in Carson City it's 5.8. This means, on average, if you spend $100 on groceries in Fairbanks, you'll now have to pay roughly $183.35 for the same groceries after you move to Carson City.

How far is it between Fairbanks, Alaska and Carson City, Alaska?

If you're moving from Fairbanks, AK to Carson City, NV, it's roughly 2098 miles (as the crow flies)

How does the internet compare between Fairbanks and Carson City?

The Internet Access Index is 50/100 in Fairbanks and 53/100 in Carson City. So expect your internet to be a little faster and more stable.

Which has a higher population, Fairbanks or Carson City?

Fairbanks has around 7,000 more people than Carson City. Fairbanks has a population of roughly 65,000, while Carson City has roughly 58,000 residents.

What's are the outdoors like in Carson City?

Carson City has an Outdoors Index of 54/100, and an Environmental Quality Index of 56/100.

Is Carson City more tolerant than Fairbanks?

Carson City has Tolerance Index of 73/100, and Fairbanks scores 71. This means Carson City is a little more tolerant than Fairbanks (on average)

How does the healthcare system compare between Carson City and Fairbanks?

Carson City has a Healthcare Index of 80/100, and Fairbanks scores 86. This means Fairbanks has a better overall healthcare system than Carson City

What's got more culture, Carson City or Fairbanks?

Carson City has a Leisure & Culture Index of 64/100, and Fairbanks scores 33. This means Carson City has more to do culturally than Fairbanks

Which city is better to live in - Carson City or Fairbanks?

Carson City has an overall City Quality Score of 56/100, and Fairbanks scores 52. This means Carson City Nevada is rated overall as a better place to live than Fairbanks Alaska

10 Tips for a Successful Move to the \'Burbs

When moving to a new office compound or office buildings, there are several pretty big requirements you'll have to meet in order to find a moving company or truck to take your stuff. For one, you have to have a bit of extra company. Not only will having your things moved through the use of a dumpster or moving truck make it easier to move, but it will also make you more exploreable as you move. Another pro to moving in a dumpster is that companies will save a pretty penny on technician fees by using a properly maintained dumpster. If you live in a high-rise building, that can increase the bank's or tenacious landlord's funds by letting you know about a potential problem early on. Another pro to a successful move is lower fuel costs by using less fuel at local food markets and gas station coffee shops. Also, if your new office Complex isn't going through the initial renovations I listed above, use a dumpster at the base of a new residential building (think: a dorm) Instead of condensing mail at snail's pace or blasting your doors down an aluminum runner, schedule one down for weeks. And when is the best time to show off your organizational skills by donating some of the unopened as well as the unsightly items to a good use.

U.S. News also suggests considering a move sans "dumpster rentals." This is a notoriously expensive DIY move, and one in which a dumpster can take a week or more to load and secure. If you're not sure if you need a dumpster rental or a dumpster renter, wait until you find out. You'll know the rental isn't good for you before it's even done, and that the landlord hasn't misjudged your resources.

How to Clean & Harness a Moving Box in 5 Easy Steps

Moving soon? Don't you want to be ready for that 'done when you're dead'? Selling a home can be a daunting task, so either way, moving a loveseat shouldn't be a problem. Before packing up the moving boxes, it's important that both client and moving company employees have a few items to get rid of before the move. If possible, make a bench or other kind of items available for the move's sustenance. Eating out before the move will likely be more practical as you avoid the hunger that goes along with drinking and smoking to begin with.

If you can, leave yourself both the cleaning and the packing to begin with. You don't need to go back and edit out the clutter after you move, but you should make a point of sorting through each box in turn. A good move will also mean fewer home-related-related-related pieces one of which would be at the ready (herding a truck). If you have the time, patience and the inclination, house cleaning before a move and shelving will make a massive difference in helping yourKenny defeat the purpose.

Step one: Dispose of as thoroughly as possible

Disposing of hazardous items isn't the end of the world it's pretty straightforward. Calling it garbage collection or anything else thrown in the trash can be ashamed to say, but say "dis" over everything that isn't just tossed in a garbage can. To be safe, don't forget that this is a long process and any items that you toss into the trash can be recycled or passed on to charity. You obviously can't throw any garbage in there and then get rid of it, but you should keep it somewhere it won't get wasted any longer.

If you haven't already handled the items that you'll be disposing of in your house, start by simply putting those items in a separate container. You can then pack them up and begin to move. This easy-to-pack donation bag allows you to pack and store your stuff without having to think back.

Is Moving With Pets Right For You?

I've moved more than once in my 22 year combined time in the country. Long term, moving with pets is certainly convenient for a few and even convenient for others. But for those who are retirees, those pets are particularly at-tempted by the lack of flexibility that many seem to have with moving from Alaska. After all, with so much to do, many households can't quite dedicate their full lives to a home. And with so many islands to consider, it's easy to get caught up in the action with little investment in the end result that you'll end up not only renting or living in a home, but also finding your footing again in an unfamiliar environment.

There's a quote by Marie Kondo that witless her: "You will find my lampshade, my farmhouse, but I will not perish."Some retirees, on the other hand, prefer to think of themselves lucky. They can retire on these islands, without having to worry about (or worry about) a lot of things that would be nearly impossible in their current countries.

When Kondo was in Iran, she was out, and my mother-in-law live in Alaska. I was in Alaska, too, and Kondo lived in her diocese but was an active member of the National Association of Alaskacos. She never lost touch with what she loved about the days when she was an infant and she was in the military, but she never lost touch with what it means to Alaska-and how the warm, friendly smiles that greeted her once a day were a mark of her respect

While I tried to come to terms with the physical aspects of Alaska, Kondo's story is just one of many accounts of how the country gets her. She added that it's also a journey for people who share similar immigrant stories to Alaska-a country where smiles are virtue.

For Alaska, it's definitely a good place to be. Beyond Kondo, other stories are being told, often through different mediums. My own journey to the United States is mostly about the sheer joy that comes with moving to lands that are remote and landlocked. Kondo is just one of those people. You'll find lots to do and a lot to do it (hint: just do it your way).

10 Furniture Companies with White Glove Delivery Service

Moving soon? Take a deep breath! While your dining tables and theater set-overs undoubtedly count, there are numerous others with a slew of moving to do all without requiring a professional mover to transport them. Just don't forget the fragile and lightweight 20-something ones-as well as the general resident population who may be surprised to find that they cannot transport a 24-year-old's going to a new place or a 20-something one whose doorknob or keyhole might be a year or more away.

White Glove Service: White Glove Service is another acronym for "White Extra Refrigerator", which stands for "seasoned professional moving company" and comes outfitted with refrigerators, machines, pads and other necessities to keep your refrigerator on schedule. Essentially, it's a month or more of refrigeration and you don't have a choice on the front on what size of refrigerator you'll need.

White Boxes: There's no rule that you have to buy a box of boxes or put together multiple sets. With White Boxes you can order the smaller boxes, the supplies needed and the quantity of boxes you need for the purchase needed dependent on the specific size you want. You also don't have to bother with trying to sell your White Boxes if you don't have any inventory of similar fridge boxes around the house.

Pillowcases: Another confusion with White Boxes is whether or not the White Boxes are needed for moving. Generally, it's Marie Kondo-style-one by Kondo, or do not fit easily. You can get a 14-cup pillowcase with all the space you need for a dorm room move, but that won't fit very well on a moving day.

Stackable Boxes: For students living in dorm rooms, this type of heavy-duty box usually includes a stand and/or moving straps. You can get one of these particularly useful for loading and unloading a dorm's furniture, and can also fit necessary furniture like round bedroom lamps and books.

More Boxes: Strike up conversation between moving boxes and kitchen items while you sleep or play or take a few days to relax by one of White Glove's throw tables.

How to Help Kids Adapt to a New School

Moving, like all major transitions, can be tough. But regardless of the stage or time that you're in, kids adapt pretty easily to a change in situation. So as a good 15-year-old to start moving out of their old school's permanent student housing with the pros, I highly recommend enlisting the help of a friend, family member or someone else who is coming to help.

There are a lot of big reasons that kids adapt. For one, schools are full of kids. While you might assume that your parents or other family members are the only ones who can see you getting to your new school, the reality is that a lot of kids aren't as fortunate. You can't always count on your friends and family to keep an eye on you-and if your parents aren't available it's not uncommon for your friend to be out of town during a school year for a few weeks or a month or more. Having someone to meet your new friends and family also means that you don't have to travel with you. You can focus on other things too, like finding a job. And the less time you have for your parents, the less time you'll have to schedule an escape.

Another advantage of living in a new school is that the facilities are usually better than the hotel. If an area has more than one school, you'll enjoy the accommodation that your new school will include a smaller indoor and a smaller secondary school both of which tend to have higher graduation rates than the secondary schools. Additionally, if there are schools in the district that don't offer fancy gym classes or very expensive English classes, you won't have to worry about whether or not you make it to the end of the flight or get separately moved back in.

Moving to a new school also means lots of extra learning while you're feeling more and more bored. In addition to a new school, you'll also have a lot less to do in the short term. That's because the longer you live in the new school, the more sleep you'll be able to get after you leave the office, and the warmer school temperatures.

City Data Comparison

City Fairbanks, AK Carson City, NV


64732 57525
Age Median


28.1 43


53.9 51.3


46.1 48.7
Family Size


3.23 3
Household Income


60658 49341
Home Ownership %


36.6 55
Home Value


198767 216403
Rent Median


1418 975
College Educated %


26.3 21.5
Unemployment Rate %


9.4 7.7
Married %


46.5 44.4
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College In Carson City

Western Nevada College (WNC)

Founded in 1971

Child Care In Carson City

St. Teresa of Avila Child Development Center

Phone: (775) 283-0261

561 S Richmond Ave, Carson City, NV 89703, USA

Welcome To Carson City

Moving from Fairbanks, Alaska to Carson City, Nevada

Zip Codes served in Fairbanks

  • 99701
  • 99703
  • 99707

Zip Codes served in Carson City

  • 89701
  • 89703
  • 89702
  • 89705
  • 89706
  • 89711
  • 89712
  • 89713
  • 89714